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How to Celebrate Mother's Day in Lockdown - Stay at Home Mum

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Lockdown

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Lockdown

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Lockdown

Mothers have been honoured in society since time immemorial because of their special role in not just bringing us into this world but also in raising us to become who we are today. So nothing can stop us from celebrating these amazing people in our lives, not even the lockdown. Lockdown measures had been put in place to stop the spread of the global pandemic- coronavirus.

But even in lockdown, you can still make your mother feel special by doing a few things. In this article, we give you some of the fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in lockdown. Let’s delve into them.

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1. Bring Your Mum Breakfast in Bed

Your mom has been serving you milk and tea since childhood. Now, this is the time to pamper her. You can do that by preparing her an exciting breakfast and bringing it to bed. Even if you are not such a great cook, you can find ideas on the internet that can help you prepare a mouthwatering breakfast. This is one of those moments that your mom will remember for a very long time.

2. Buy Mum a Bunch of Nice Flowers

You can never go wrong with buying flowers for your mother. After all, almost all mothers love fresh flowers. Make sure you pick your mother’s favourite combination of flowers and colours. Such flowers will brighten her living space. But if you are looking for something that can last a bit longer, you can opt for a house plant. 

3. Do Some Baking Together

Of course, many people have memories of baking with their mums when they were young. You can bring back that now that you are both adults. Whether you are together or apart, it is still possible to do the baking thanks to Zoom. Get all the ingredients ready, or you can buy them for her and have them delivered if you are baking separately. You will definitely have some fun in the kitchen.

4. Talk a Walk To Get Some Fresh Air

Depending on where you are celebrating your Mother’s Day lockdown, there is nothing more soothing than taking a walk with your mother on a Mother’s Day Sunday morning. You can even enjoy your takeaway coffee as you catch up with your mom as you stroll. 

5. Organise a Home Spa Day

In a lockdown, people can really get stressed because of all the uncertainties around. So your mum might also be stressed even if she doesn’t admit it. Well, how can you help relieve the stress and make her relax in lockdown? Well, one of the things you can do is to treat her to a spa by bringing the spa home.

Gather all the materials you need, including face masks, some essential oils, bath bubbles, etc. Make it more relaxing by setting the lighting, playing soft spa music, and having a mouthwatering dinner afterwards. This is one of those special moments your mum will cherish for life.

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