Happy New Year Blues

Happy New Year Blues | Stay at Home Mum

The New Year rocks around and we all have the best intentions, but after all the feasting and drinking of the Christmas period, it’s easy to get the New Year Blues……

Most New Years Resolutions are things like lose weight, to get organized and to get out of debt. Unfortunately, most New Year’s resolutions go out the door after a few months. In fact, you may start feeling even more down that you are unable to stick to your goals and keep your resolution for the duration of the year. So, why do it to yourself? This year, make it your new year’s resolution to ditch the expectations.

Change your Mind Set

One of the reasons that New Year’s resolutions do not work is because they are simply too vague. Lose weight, spend time with loved ones,  get your finances in order – all of these things sound good in theory but there is no game plan to them. So, unless you have a game plan in place, you can expect these New Year resolutions to go belly up. Furthermore, many of these resolutions take dedication and will take all year to actually accomplish. However, you may want results by February and when this isn’t happening, it can be easy to fall off the band wagon and head back into your bad habits, whether it is reckless spending or unhealthy eating.

Consider a Vision Board

Rather than setting vague goals to accomplish during the year, visualise the path that you want to take with a vision board. Creating a vision board is all about finding visual images, phrases and pictures that inspire you and that represent where you want to be. Make it a family event by picking up some old magazines and large cardboard paper to use as your board. Sit down and go through the magazines, cutting out any images that inspire you and that represent you as an individual. This could be particular phrases that represent the person you aspire to be such as “kindness” as well as things that you cherish and that you want to focus on such as “friendship” and “loved ones.” You can also look into images that will help you accomplish your goals, such as a small bathing suit if you want to lose weight or a new car if your goal is to save up some money for a big purchase. Look for inspirational quotes that will help you get there or images that simply make you smile.

Creating a vision board is all about self-discovery and self-awareness. Knowing how you work on the inside can help you ensure that you actually accomplish what you set out to do. Furthermore, having a vision board hanging somewhere in the house will keep you motivated and on track throughout the year.

Resolve to Think Positive

This year, ditch the silly tradition of a resolution and instead set goals. Resolutions are often about getting rid of something, whether it’s a bad habit, excess weight or debt. This is a very negative way to think. Shift your thoughts into a more positive direction by focusing on what you want, not what you want to lose. Set small goals throughout the year to accomplish which will not only make it easier to achieve, but will also provide a more positive experience throughout. 2015 shouldn’t be about what you vow to lose but rather want you want to gain.

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