SAHM Team’s Various Views On Valentines

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SAHM Team’s Various Views On Valentines

Valentines Day is upon us again and whether you recognise the day with a block of chocolate, a romantic dinner or nothing at all, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype and expectation of what was originally a religious day of saint recognition. We did the lap of our virtual office to find out just how many of the SAHM team celebrate Valentines Day and their thoughts on the day itself.

Nic: I am not too sure if I am in the minority, but Valentine’s Day to me”¦.well, it’s just another day”¦it’s Feb 14. I hate to be a negative nelly, and yes I am sure it’s a lovely day full of romance and cupids and hearts and Barry White music, but really it’s not mine or my hubby’s thing at all! We both agreed early on in our relationship that we would not do the Valentines thing. I do like a romantic dinner and the odd bunch of roses or box of Favourites choccies as much as the next person, but seeing our wedding anniversary is only a month later, we choose THAT to be our day of romance instead. It’s OUR day for us, not a day where we have to celebrate it with every other T,D and H in a crowded restaurant just because it’s a day we are told to celebrate because that’s what’s on the calendar! I say you should choose any day you like, just randomly, to give your beloved flowers or chocolates or whisk them away for a romantic weekend”¦..to me, that’s real romance.

Sandie: Valentines day is our anniversary so it is an extra special day for us, we usually give each other gifts and a card with something personally written in it and then we have a special family dinner together so that the kids are also involved in our special day!

Clancy: When we were younger, I expected hubby to make a big deal of Valentines Day. We would go out for dinner and he would buy flowers and chocolates, but since the kids came along and time has ticked over, we don’t usually even realise it’s coming until it’s here. It comes right on the tail end of Christmas and Back To School expenses; it feels like I only just worked out the perfect gift for him for Christmas and I’m expected to buy him another one for Valentines Day? Not to mention organise and pay a babysitter, get dolled up and go out for dinner and probably have to ‘give him dessert’ too? As lovely as it is to get a bunch of flowers and a block of chocolate, or a special gift and a nice dinner, I would much prefer he went to the trouble of nipping into that really cheap chemist where I can never seem to get a parking spot and the queue is always super long and picking up some baby formula and chemist jellybeans because he knows I love them the best! Or buying me a block of Cadbury Bubbly and locking the kids out of the lounge room while my favourite show is on! That, to me, is real romance!

Coralie: We decided many years ago to not fuss about v/day, (plus we are still recovering from Christmas $$$). but mainly, we as a couple don’t feel the need to have just one day to affirm our love; it’s ongoing. But that is what works for us, each to their own.

Malinda: I love Valentines day – the one day a year its about the one I love…. but I am ALWAYS broke on VD so I buy a card and box of choccies and surprise him in the morning. Without fail, he has clearly forgotten, but I don’t care at all because I made him smile.

Chris: Simple is best. Spending more money doesn’t mean a better day/evening. Running a bubble bath and cooking a delicious dinner is definitely a good way to go…dark chocolate, wine and fun to follow. SAHM Various Views on Valentines Day

Jenna:  Valentines Day isn’t much different to a normal day for us. Work, kids, cleaning, etc. When hubby is home from work I may have more than one glass of wine (okay, so that’s pretty much every night), my husband buys flowers (and is always sure to tell me how much he spent and how big of a waste it is), I may actually attempt not to burn dinner (but I usually still do) and we might even actually have sex at night (but most likely not). The kids and I usually make cards for my husband and I usually purchase half priced Valentines Day chocolates at the shops the next day.

Fiona: When the husband and I were first dating, Valentine’s Day was a big deal. Well, it’s a big deal to any new couple isn’t it? We spent our first few Valentine’s Days buying one another special gifts, and going out for dinner. But after being together for over 20 years, it’s become just another day to us. Neither of us are a fan of the commercialism that Valentine’s Day has become, so it’s not a big deal in our house. Sure, we still say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to one another, but that’s about is as far as celebrating it goes. We are both believe that every day should be spent showing your other half that they are loved. Not that that happens, but it’s nice in theory! 😉

Christiann: For me, Valentine’s Day is a commercial American celebration that Australia seems to have adopted! That said, I don’t mind a bit of spoiling on V day – who would pass that up?! Whilst I don’t have a favourite Valentine’s moment, nor have I had anything wildly romantic ever happen to me on Valentine’s Day, I still value it as a day to express your love for your partner. He would be the first to tell you “Valentine’s Day should be every day” and my answer is always a very tongue-in-cheek “So, why isn’t it then?!” He’s right, though! I think we should show that romantic love every day, but it’s just not practical, is it? Hence, after some thought, I think my ideal Valentine’s Day celebration would be something really simple like him getting home from work early (if it’s a work day), cooking the dinner, putting the kids to bed and running me a hot bubble bath with my favourite magazine and a glass of champers on the side. Maybe throw in a teeny gift or a simple gesture, something to show that he thought ahead and planned for me to have some down time. That would be awesome!

Kate: I wish to be woken up to the soft sounds of a rainforest, and my partner standing beside my bed with a lovely cup of black coffee and some ham and cheese croissants for me to start my day. When I have finished my breakfast we can swap gifts. All I really wanted was a small diamond and box of chocolates that come wrapped in a Purple Winnebago. He of course gets ME as his gift! Now before everyone gets up in arms over my Valentine Day remember this is what I WISH my Ultimate Valentine Day would be not what I WILL be getting this year…well you never know 😉

Jody: My husband has always been a bit of a romantic – but certainly not on a specified day. He’s special because if he knows I’ve had a hard day at work or at home with the kids, he’ll surprise me with flowers or some fancy takeaway or a bottle of wine. Sometimes he brings flowers for no reason at all  except he saw them and thought it would make me smile. Before we were married we felt pressured to go out for dinner and buy each other gifts, as it was the thing to do; but it kinda sucked. Valentines Day to me now means I get Surf and Turf for dinner and my favourite bottle of red. We enjoy it in front of the TV in our pyjama’s with the kids. And to me that’s perfect!

Fran: Valentines Day was celebrated more when we first started dating, and there was this pressure that we had to do something this one specific day. These days though, hubby and I don’t make a big deal out of Valentines Day but we do take the opportunity to get takeout, beers and watch a movie in the comfort of our lounge room after the kids are in bed. I don’t need to be showered with chocolates, flowers or gifts though. My husband will bring home flowers out of the blue and to me this means more than doing it once a year on a specific day.

Rebecca: We have always celebrated Valentine’s Day with cards, flowers and a nice meal out. Well, before we had kids I mean! Now it’s cards, flowers and takeaway! But this year we have decided to involve our daughter and make it a family celebration. We plan to have a family picnic and make cards for each other. Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating love, not just for your significant other, but for your whole family!

Lydia: So my husband (aka ‘Lover’) and I do not really do the whole Valentine Day thing. Lover doesn’t believe in the giving of cards as you just throw them out; I have mentioned that I’d happily keep as many diamonds in lieu of a card. We don’t go much on the big marketing angle of it all but in saying that my dream Valentines Day would be as follows”¦. Lover wakes me up by handing me my passport & saying we’ve won lotto (so I wouldn’t stress over where the hell has this money come from & actually relax!), grabs my suitcase and whisks me off to some amazing Isle of Fantastico in Europe for a mini break so I can eat amazing food (yep it’s all about the food) drink red wine and see any kind of amazing scenery it had to offer. Followed by us staying at a lovely chic romantic boutique hotel. You know the sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of holiday! So since that’s not going to happen, I would adore it if Lover took me to an amazing degustation restaurant follow by a night of special cuddles.

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?






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