This is The Best New Year’s Resolution a Mum Can Make!

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This is The Best New Year’s Resolution a Mum Can Make!

ATTENTION: Fellow mumma bears…

The silly season is well and truly upon us, in fact, if we’re to be honest, the silly season starts the minute you have a crying newborn baby in your arms and probably won’t wrap up for 18 – 21 years.

But when it comes to Christmas and New Year, silly season takes on a whole new meaning.

So while everyone is busy dreaming up New Year’s resolutions to get fit, lose weight, eat better, stop drinking the ooh lala juice, be on time, spend more time with friends and family and less time watching the idiot box, there is only one resolution I would like you to make for yourselves.


You are the cornerstone of the family, the one who does everything and anything for the people you love without question.

When was the last time you had ‘me time’? Did something for yourself without feeling selfish. Doing something to make you feel good?

It is this mystical concept which allows a mother to take a morning, an afternoon, hell, even a whole day if possible, to step back from the day to day and just relax.

The Best New Year's Resolution for Mums | Stay At Home Mum

It can take any shape or form. Perhaps, a massage, a kid-free bath with bubbles FOR 10 MINUTES and maybe sneak a vino, time at the beach, a meal with a friend where you can talk without having to clean up spit juice or apologise for the amount of food pooling around the floor of your table from the kids.

My ‘me time’ consists of me sending the kids off to the daycare and kindergarten and going to work. It could be work of the paid variety, or the unpaid kind where I literally start in one corner of the house and clean until my time is up and the kids come back home to undo all of that hard work.

If your child is sick, you take them straight to the doctor, but if you are anything like me, you will have headaches, sinus congestion and utterly feel like shit for weeks before you finally haul your ass to see a doctor, usually with kids in tow, to find out you’ve had an infection for the past two weeks that could have been fixed with antibiotics in a matter of days.

We are all guilty of it, but now is the time to do something about it.The Best New Year's Resolution for Mums | Stay At Home Mum

Mothers hold families together and without us, everything would be utter chaos (ya know it girlfriend!). But to keep any well-oiled machine in tip-top condition, it needs freshening up and a chance to recharge every now and then. (You could say servicing, lol, but that’s not everyone’s idea of relaxation…)

So, I am making this my public promise that my new year’s resolution for 2022 is to make some time for me…  

me time | Stay at Home

…and I would like you to join me!

This is The Best New Years Resolution a Mum Can Make | Stay at Home

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