How to Throw A Divorce Party

Divorces can be stressful and traumatic and receiving that final piece of paper verifying you are no longer married can be a sad anticlimax.  It is not however, the end of your life; rather a beginning to a new one.  We celebrate many significant milestones in our lives, such as birthdays, graduations and yes, also weddings and engagements with parties, so why not a party to celebrate a new beginning as a single person!?

It may sound like a pretty morbid idea to some, but when you think about it, it is about the end of a relationship, the need to move on, start afresh.  We have all, I’m sure, attended wakes to celebrate the passing of a close friend or much loved relative.  Why not a celebration of divorce?

Toxic relationships are, unfortunately, a fact of life and sometimes a parting of the ways is the only option.  Don’t be embarrassed about it and think you have to mourn in private.  Throwing a divorce party may not be for everyone and there will always be those who will sit in judgement, so just don’t invite them.  This is the start of your new life and if a party helps you to move forward then it is a very positive and fun thing to do.

If you have had a very civilised divorce and you are still friends but just can’t stand living with each other, why not throw a party together? Show your friends that they don’t have to feel awkward about choosing sides.

However, if it was a warts and all, no holds barred divorce then your divorce party should not be a chance to trash the ex.  That has already been done, you are free, and an evening full of negativity will not only be uncomfortable for your guests, it doesn’t help you emotionally.  That doesn’t mean though, that you can’t indulge in some fun beat up the ex games, just keep it light hearted.How to Throw a Divorce Party

Some of these games might include:

  • Pin the tail or nose on the ex
  • Darts with the board covered with a photo of the ex

Sometimes a little ceremony can also be therapeutic, such as:

  • Putting the garter back on, taken off at the wedding by the groom, it could be replaced by a best friend or your new partner.
  • Releasing of balloons.  Write messages about what you hated about your old life and what you would like to receive from the new, put them in balloons, blow them up and let them go, along with the stress of the divorce.
  • Perhaps a little radical, but in Japan they actually have ceremonies where the wedding rings are smashed up!  Undoing the wedding as it were.

You might choose to have a themed night and have everyone dress accordingly with food and decorations to match. Some ideas could be –

  • Survivor – Have everyone dress in beach/tropical clothing and have beach themed food.
  • Have your guests dress up as a famous divorced person – expect a few Liz Taylors!
  • Lemon party – Remember the saying “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade”.  Food and drink could be based on citrus flavours and the colour yellow.

Ideas for fun cocktails might be Rum Baby Rum, Gin and Toxic or Cheater Margarita!!!

Music to play might include “I Will Survive”, “Respect” or “I’m Free”.

If you are a friend organising a divorce party, a nice gift idea would be to find out what possessions your friend was left without when the property was divided up and perhaps have a little divorce shower. Or alternatively, pool money collected from guests for a relaxing spa day or a weekend away.

Whatever you decide to do, a divorce shouldn’t be about the end of a life. The end of an era sure, but it can be celebrated as a new beginning and chance at a better future.

Would you throw a divorce party? Do you think that it is something to celebrate?

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