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Traditional Country House Themed Weddings in AustraliaEmbrace The Classic Wedding Setting

Weddings in Australia come in lots of different forms, but some of our favourites are those held at the traditional country house.

There are actually a significant number of these properties in Australia, and they make for perfect wedding settings. In fact there are so many that it can be hard to keep track of them all, so we thought we’d put together a list of some of the most stunning traditional country houses in Australia, in every state. Let the wedding planning begin!


Abbey of the Roses, Warwick

Traditional Country House Themed Weddings in Australia | Stay At Home Mum
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A stately three-storey sandstone manor house built in 1891, the Abbey of the Roses in Warwick makes for a stunning wedding setting. Just 130km southwest of Brisbane, the Abbey has been regularly renovated and has a plethora of rooms for wedding events and even accommodation. There are also gorgeous lawns, gazebos and space for parties and photographs galore.

Jimbour House, Darling Downs

Traditional Country House Themed Weddings in Australia | Stay At Home Mum
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The heritage-listed Jimbour House, established in 1876 is the perfect place for your wedding event. The unique house and surrounding gardens make for the perfect backdrop to your memories and photographs, and there is even a historic chapel on site. Wedding events include chandelier draped gazebos and a formal rose garden, for elegance like never before.

Milton Park, Bowral

Traditional Country House Themed Weddings in Australia | Stay At Home Mum
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An inspiration for painters and writers since the 1800s, Milton Park Estate is a historical country home that has been converted seamlessly into a gorgeous luxury hotel. Amidst the beauty of the gardens and buildings, wedding are held with a focus on the timeless classics. There are several venues available including the gardens, conservatory, ballroom and orangery.

Gabbinbar Homestead, Toowoomba

Traditional Country House Themed Weddings in Australia | Stay At Home Mum
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The Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba as a reputation as being one of Australia’s most beautiful wedding venues. The homestead offers a number of historic spaces for wedding use including a conservatory, a bride’s retreat, a ballroom, a library, a parlour, a front verandah and a courtyard. Along with these stunning spaces are the gardens and surrounds, for ceremonies, photographs and celebrations.

Glengariff Historic Estate

Traditional Country House Themed Weddings in Australia | Stay At Home Mum
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The Glengariff Historic Estate in the Brisbane Hinterland is one of the oldest privately owned family properties in Australia, having been passed down six generations in the last 139 years. Able to host both the wedding ceremony and the reception, the Estate has a variety of wedding packages, and wedding settings to suit any couple’s style.

Gunabul Homestead, Gympie

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Gympie’s Gunabul Homestead is the perfect setting for any special day. The tranquil and beautiful landscaped gardens offer a natural backdrop, paired with the architectural history of the homestead. Up to 100 guests can celebrate the union in the spacious reception area, and the wedding party can stay at the homestead in the lovely accommodation available.

Woodlands of Marburg, Amberley

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Built in 1890 but only opened to the public at the turn of this century, the Woodlands of Marburg is a truly exclusive wedding location. A plantation-style estate with an interesting past, the house and grounds offer many wedding settings, from a century-old chapel, the Rose Hill valley lookout, the vineyard and a variety of open-air garden ceremony options.

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