How To Host The Perfect Hen’s Night

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How To Host The Perfect Hen’s Night

As the maid of honour, you most likely have the duty of hosting a hen’s night or bachelorette party for your best friend and her female guests.

There are plenty of different activities to do on a Hen’s night depending on what the bride likes. However, there is also the chance that things could go horribly wrong if the following precautions are not taken. Keep some of these ideas in mind when you are planning your bestie’s last night out as a single lady.

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Your idea of a good time may include topless waiters, a visit to a male strip club and an all-night party at an island resort. However, this isn’t your night. So what does your friend like? She may be on the shy side and not want to be the centre of attention walking around the town with a penis on her hat.

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Or, she may love this sort of thing. She may prefer a quiet day at the spa followed by a high tea instead of a Hangover infused weekend away. This is especially the case if the bride also happens to be a mummy-to-be or is breastfeeding. The last thing she probably wants is a night of watching her best friends get drunk while she sips water. Even if you are planning to keep the night a secret you can still get an idea of what she wants and what she likes without giving away the entire night’s events.

Consider the Other Guests

If most of your friends are single and crazy with a bit of money to spend, then hosting a weekend party filled with lush hotels and endless cocktails may be in the cards. However, if the other guests have families, have mortgages and have responsibilities, then this is probably not something they are going to be able to splurge on.bigstock Bachelorette Party Girls In B 318864334 | Stay at Home

So, make sure you consider the other guests as well. Perhaps some of the mummies with young kids will only be able to attend dinner or only come for the trip to the day spa. Make the party accessible to everyone to avoid disappointment when not many guests can actually come.

Transportation for a group shouldn’t be a nightmare especially for hen’s night! I’d suggest renting a party bus or limo (with a chaffeur!) so guests can travel together and get to know each other through the trip. That way, it’s convenient for guests and they can focus on making most out of the ocassion.

Check out for available limos, party buses and other types of transportations you can rent in your area!

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Consider the Theme

There are plenty of things you can do during a hen’s night. You may wish to have dinner and dancing out on the town; you may wish to host a themed party at your own house or at a hotel suite; you may wish to go to a spa, go skydiving, go to an island resort, go to a sporting event or anything else.bigstock Bride Team Party With Girls 255555907 | Stay at Home

However, one thing that makes the night a little more fun and creative is a theme. From 50’s housewives to 30’s pin up girls, from groovy retro to the swinging 20’s, give your party an extra splash of fun with a theme.

Consider the Budget

Hosting a hen’s party can get incredibly expensive especially if you are planning drinks, meals, accommodation and entertainment. Decorations, cakes, catering, hotel rooms, and limos all of these things are going to set you back. So make sure you have a game plan in action.

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For example, perhaps you will organize a hotel room for everyone to stay in and enjoy but then perhaps suggest ordering a sushi platter or making pizzas instead of spending a fortune on a dinner out as well. You want to make your friend feel special but this doesn’t mean spending your own savings. Make sure all the guests agree on a price and are willing to chip in, even if this means cancelling the trip to the city and opting for something a little more low key and affordable.

Games & Prizes


Really you can just let your imagination run wild with this. It depends on your theme and on who your guests will be, but there are lots of great games and prizes if you want to include them in the party. Some suggestions are “Pin the Hose on the Fireman”, “Pass the Parcel” (with some naughty prizes inside!), “Truth or Dare”, or “Bridal Pictionary”.

As for prizes, well it depends on whether you just want to give away novelty items or something really good – you can include anything from gift vouchers, small bottles of wine, chocolates, edible panties, body chocolate paint….the possibilities are endless!

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