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What is Once a Month Cooking?

Once a Month Cooking - a new Time Saving Cookbook by the Stay at Home MumGood question. Well where do I start”¦.. after spending the whole day looking after kids, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, paying the bills and the million other things us Mums have to do daily, it’s tough to come up a new and exciting meal every single night. Most of the time I’m so tired at the end of day I feel like saying ‘Weetbix tonight’ but alas there would be a mutiny.   I discovered Once a Month Cooking, or ‘Freezer Cooking’ as it is also known on the internet but there wasn’t an Australian version and the others were just too difficult or involved.

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Once a Month Cooking (or OAMC) is a cooking technique where you do all your shopping, preparation and cooking in a short, highly organised timeframe.  It involves cooking meals that freeze well, are delicious, good for you and storing them correctly until they are needed. All your meals are frozen in order so you don’t have to cook for the rest of the month!  It’s so simple and has given me so much more time at ‘arsenic hour’.

Here is a preview of the Once a Month Cooking e-book – the three contents pages are shown below – just click the image to see the great value this book holds for you.

OAMC - Contents Page 1 - Click to enlarge
OAMC - Contents Page 1 - Click to enlarge

OAMC Contents Page 2 - Click to enlarge
OAMC - Contents Page 2 - Click to enlarge

OAMC - Contents Page 3 - Click to enlarge
OAMC - Contents Page 3 - Click to enlarge

It’s not only for busy Mums, it’s perfect for expectant Mums, Shift workers, busy couples, students everyone who wants more time!

Boiled down it has freed me up so I can spend more time with my kids and most importantly have more ME time.

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