Why Do We Still Have To Normalise Breastfeeding?Here’s Why Mums Should Feel Free to Feed As They Please

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The ladies at SAHM were super impressed to see a recent trending photograph of a group of Army mums posing for a group breastfeeding shot with their little ones. We were less impressed when we found out they wanted to do it in order to normalise breastfeeding.

Do we seriously still need to do that?

This is the 21st century people! Are you telling us that in this day and age breastfeeding mums still need to get together and be photographed breastfeeding their offspring in order to normalise the practice? Give us a break!

We aren’t saying that we don’t applaud these mums who are standing up and telling their sensitive critics to go and suck it. We’re instead saying that these loud-mouthed imbeciles are arguing against something that has existed long before we even had the language to critique women about breastfeeding in public.

Yep, when we were still cavemen communicating in grunts and sign language, mothers breastfed their children, in public, with other people around them. And you know what? Nobody did anything about it. But for some reason in the centuries that followed the natural act of breastfeeding has become a shameful behaviour to be done in washrooms behind closed doors or with a blanket smothering your baby.


Apparently, or so the critics tell us, it’s because they are offended by the sight of a breast. Yes, it’s true that we sexualise breasts in our culture, but context is key. There is nothing sexual, or offensive, about a baby being breastfed, regardless of where it happens, or who happens to gaze upon it. Indeed, the idea that we have to normalise breastfeeding only makes it seem like something that isn’t normal already. What is more normal than taking a moment out of your day to feed your child? What is more normal than being close to your baby, and nourishing them as nature intended? Nothing.

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Why You Should Breastfeed Anytime, Anywhere

Here’s why we think mums should embrace breastfeeding wherever they are, no matter what the ‘outraged’ random public might think.

Your Sanity 

If you’ve chosen to breastfeed, but you feel limited in doing so, life can get both complicated and painful. Pumping on a regular basis and trying to time your child’s feeds with the milk you have already pumped is a massive hassle. So is trying to logistically organise bottle feeding because you feel ashamed to breastfeed. None of it is necessary.

Your Social Life

You might be a new mum, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide yourself away every time your baby needs to feed. There’s no need for you to feel as though you have to step away from a conversation in order to nurse your child. Just nurse right there, and stay connected to your friends. They’re a lifeline!

Your Child’s Education

The more we hide breasts from our children, the more unusual it will be for them to see breasts as anything other than sexualised objects. As this happens, girls will feel less likely to want to breastfeed, and men will feel possessive over their partner’s breasts. This is not a future we want to be looking at. Breastfeeding around your other children is just a part of their education into the human body, embrace it.

Your Rights

Your breasts, your body, your decision. Don’t let strangers dictate how you feed your child. If you’re able to breastfeed, other people should not be able to make you feel ashamed when you feed your baby, period. You are a mother, and you should be able to breastfeed your baby when you need to, wherever you are.

Your Child’s Rights

Your child has the right to be fed when they need to be fed, not when society deems that it’s appropriate for them to do so. They have the right to be fed comfortably (without being smothered by a blanket) and in sanitary conditions (i.e. not a toilet). Their right to eat is greater than the rights of a stranger who is apparently offended by the sight of a breast.

Your Choice 

We all know that medical professionals advocate that breastfeeding is the best option for a baby. Some mothers don’t get the opportunity to breastfeed because of personal medical conditions, but those who do should not be made to feel that this choice is publicly inappropriate. Mothers do not deserve to be humiliated, stared at, or belittled when they’re just trying to do what is best for their child.

So critics, do us all a favour next time you feel offended by a mother breastfeeding her child in public: avert your eyes, look away, and please do not approach her to tell her she’s making you feel uncomfortable. She is participating in a beautiful bond with her child, and you have less than zero rights to tell her that is wrong.

In fact, if it offends you so much, why not take your own advice and go someplace where you can be publicly inappropriate all alone. Now that’s a smart idea!


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