50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride

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50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride

Wedding Favours as gifts for attending weddings have been a tradition for decades. But what can you buy in bulk that is still meaningful but doesn’t cost a fortune?

Providing your wedding guests with a little gift traditionally called ‘a wedding favour’ or ‘Bomboniere is an age-old tradition that has evolved into an important detail to include in modern weddings. Some couples have given lavish favours to their guests such as Swarovski Crystals while some couples skip this detail with a huge consideration going to their budget. 

Wedding favours are still popular but not a necessity these days.  But if you have an extra budget and want to leave your guests with a memento of your big day, here are some practical and affording wedding favours that you might just love:

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50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride | Stay At Home Mum
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Individual Test Tubes full of Gourmet Tea

  • Only $2.70 each
  • Ships from Australia

When it comes to wedding favours, this is the top of my list! A gorgeous, rustic-style test tube filled with your tea flavour and tagged with your name and wedding date.  Classy and timeless and doesn’t cost a bomb. 

Tea flavours include Chamomile, Lemongrass, Orange, Papaya, Passionfruit, Rose, Butterfly Pea, or a combination!

These are available from Etsy for only $2.70 each, so they are affordable and super cute!

50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride | Stay At Home Mum

Plantable Wedding Seeds

  • 50 Favours for $60.38
  • 100 Favours for $120.75

If an environmentally friendly wedding favour is for you, then consider these seed packet wedding favours feature a love heart that has been created in plantable seed paper. Each favour is comprised of a card and seed paper heart.

il 1140xN.2269962532 6gqn | Stay at Home

Miniature Glass Bell Jar’s

  • Ships from The United States
  • Price: From $4.67 Each

Oh my ovaries! These are just adorable! You could serve dessert in your own wedding favour! I love them!

image | Stay at Home

A Perfect Match

If there is a fire to your new marriage, what about this ‘Perfect Match’ set of Matches! At only 80c per packet, it is an inexpensive and memorable wedding favour!

50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride | Stay At Home Mum

Diamond Ring Bottle Stopper

  • Ships from The United States
  • From $3.75 each

A wedding-themed wedding favour? Yes, and they are totally affordable!

image 1 | Stay at Home

Mint-to-Be Mints

  • Pricing: Pack of 80 for $219.11
  • Ships from The United States

These gorgeous mint rolls are handmade with your name and the date of the wedding.  They do come from the United States though, so make sure you buy them in advance to allow for shipping.

The price is 80 packs of personalised mints for AU$219.11. (price correct as of February 2023)

Custom Luggage Tags

  • Pricing: 48 Luggage Tags for $4.75 each
  • Ships from The United States

Hand-made from leather, have your very own travel quote inscribed in a luggage tag that can follow your guests worldwide and back. This one is a great wedding favour if the couple will be on a lengthy tour for their honeymoon!

45. Homemade Spicy Sauce

  • Minimum of 15 Pieces per Order
  • Ships from The United States

For a ‘Hot and Spicy’ Wedding, these make for ‘Saucy’ Wedding Favours! If both of you love anything that’s spicy, have each guest bring home a miniature of your homemade chilli sauce and season it with a spicy note.

50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride | Stay At Home Mum

44. Custom Wedding Cake Cookies Wrapped with Ribbon

  • Stockist: My Wedding Favors
  • Ships from The United States
  • Minimum of 24 Cookies Per Order

Oh, these mini wedding cake cookies are just divine! As far as wedding favours go – they are certainly unique!

image 31 | Stay at Home

43. Luxury Chocolate

  • 50 Pieces for $104.89
  • Ships from Turkey

It’s just too sweet for everyone, especially kids, to ignore. This can be the best substitute for a messy ice cream treat. Even if it’s not a wedding favour, you can use this idea for baptism or birthday celebrations!

50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride | Stay At Home Mum

42. Personalised Chocolate Wedding Favours

Make your big day unique by adding a personal touch to it. You have a variety of different designs to choose from and each chocolate comes in a gloss finish. Each chocolate is 3.5cm x 3.5cm in Neapolitan chocolate.

image 15 | Stay at Home

41. Personalised Stubby Coolers!

  • Price: $9.11 Each

Custom design a personalised stubby holder for your guests. These holders surely won’t get thrown away including the memories they made with you on your wedding day.

| Stay at Home

40. Personalised Love Heart Sweets

  • Grab 100 Rolls for $46.02
  • Ships Worldwide from the UK

Each personalised wrapper is applied to a clear packet of love heart sweets with top-of-the-range printing. The sweets are machine-wrapped and packed by Swizzels at their UK factory. A simple and beautiful wedding favour that doesn’t cost the earth!

image 16 | Stay at Home

39. Engraved Shot Glasses

With different fonts and styles to choose from, you can have a beautiful wedding favour to remember your big day always. They even do urgent orders if you need a rush job!

image 17 | Stay at Home

38. Tic Tacs

  • 50 for $92.08
  • Ships from The United Kingdom

You can buy these in bulk. Simply design sweet and cute printable notes like this, to add a modern and funky vibe .

37. Custom Wine Stoppers

  • 50 for $133.90
  • Ships from The United States

The next time your friends open a bottle of wine at home, they would thank you for making their life easy with this unique wedding favour.

36. Succulents

  • $5.50 each
  • Ships from Australia

Your guests don’t need to have a green thumb to grow these plants. It’s a perfect plant to adorn on windowsills, or office tables as long as they’re kept in sunny spots. The mini plants make awesome wedding favours. You hang them or place them in tea cups to make them more adorable.

35. Beautiful Vegan Personalised Soaps

Gorgeous little vegan personalised soaps that are the perfect inexpensive wedding favour gift for your wedding guests. Lots of styles and colours to choose from.

image 18 | Stay at Home

34. Rustic Tealight Holders

These gorgeous little rustic tealight holders are very inexpensive and a beautiful way to commemorate your wedding day. Wedding favours don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful.

image 19 | Stay at Home

33. Personalised Wedding Recovery Kits

  • 50 for $125
  • Ships from Australia

These wedding favours are for your guests for the morning after! You receive a personalised printed calico bag commemorating your wedding day. Then you just add the contents you wish! We suggest some Berocca, a few chocolates and maybe some panadol!

image 20 | Stay at Home

32. Pack of six Small Heart Soy Wax Melts

Surprise your friends with these quirky wedding treats with a pack of small heart shaped soy wax melts. Choose your favourite scent such as Birthday Cake, Gardenia or Hot Jam Donut!

image 21 | Stay at Home

31. Sunglasses

Because they would be too blinded because of your love. This is a perfect wedding favour and also makes a cool accessory for outdoor or beach weddings. Imprint your names and the date of the wedding or simply choose the colour that complements your motif.

30. Personalised Biodegradable Confetti Packets

  • 50 for $71.82
  • Ships Worldwide from the UK

Totally biodegradable personalised confetti packets that contain real flower petals! A beautiful wedding favour idea – that is useful too!

image 22 | Stay at Home

29. Luxury Personalised Candle

  • 50 for $890.33

If you have a bit of a larger budget for wedding favours, this luxury candle will not only be memorable but makes for a beautiful wedding table decoration as well.

image 23 | Stay at Home

28. Personalised Silver Tins

You can fill these gorgeous little tins with anything your heart desires – but the M&M’s look the best! Personalised with your name and wedding date, the tin can be used again for whatever your guests please!

image 24 | Stay at Home

27. Personalised Scratch Card Holder

Make your wedding favour a gift of good luck with these personalised scratch card holders. You can specify the colour (to match your bridesmaid’s dresses of course) and the personalisation. Then you can add whatever scratch card you please!

image 25 | Stay at Home

26. Hot Cocoa Test Tube

This shop does have a minimum order of 30, but this is such a great idea. All glass test tubes (not plastic) that contain a delicious hot chocolate mix.

image 26 | Stay at Home

24. Flavoured Olive Oil

Olive oil infused with herbs or spices such as thyme or basil is a perfect taste treat.

23. Champagne Soaked Strawberries in a Mason Jar

Sorry kids, I guess strawberries are not for you this time. Champagne gives these berries a sweeter and more flavourful taste.


22. Barbecue Rib Rub

Everyone loves to grill and the perfect way to season it is your own recipe for a meat rub. It’s a thoughtful wedding treat your friends wouldn’t not forget.


21. Soundtrack to Your Wedding

You can compile all your favourite love songs in this easy listening CD or USB playlist. You can also record a thank you note to your guests to show how much you appreciate them.

20. Mini Bottles of Champagne

  • Get a case of 24 for $142.00

Grog is the ultimate in wedding favour gifts – and everyone loves the little bottles!

image 29 | Stay at Home

19. Favour Box Filled with Chocolate

  • 50 Boxes (Box Only) for $34.01

Fill these gorgeous little boxes with whatever sweets you like! The boxes come with ribbons and are super affordable and just delightful!

image 30 | Stay at Home

18. Coffee Beans in a Jar

Here’s a more special packaging for coffee beans. You can also use empty containers of your spices.

17. Make Room for Love Pizza Cutter 

It’s not just your instant food but everyone enjoys a delicious pizza treat on your big day. Slice up for some happiness by giving them this cute pizza cutter engraved with a sweet note.

16. Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a fun thing to do especially during couple’s dance or throughout the wedding party. Plus, this looks good in photos too.#instagrammable

15. Modern Day Mixtape Flash Drive

NEver be afraid to admit that you’re born to a time where mixtape used to be the coolest thing you’ve ever had. Make your own wedding playlist and share it to your guests. They’ll be amazed how a mixtape made it through the 20th century. LOL.

14. Wedding Shot Glasses

This shot glass makes nice keepsake for your big day. It’s also great if everyone get’s to use this custom made glass for your wedding toast.

13. Tote Bag Wedding Favor

Totes Amazeballs! Help your guests to put all their stuff with these tote bags with a chic design.

12. Wine Stoppers for Wine Lovers

The treat that every wine lover would forever cherish.

11.  Round Corkboard Coasters

These eco-friendly and cheap coasters would be a sure hit on your wedding day.

50 Affordable Wedding Favours for the Modern Bride | Stay At Home Mum

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