Family Chore ChartA free printable!

Distributing chores among family members shouldn’t be difficult!

At home, we like to divide the chores among ourselves so that everyone contributes to the household fairly (also so that the house does not inevitably sink into a messy point of no return). However, doing the chores, especially if you have multiple kids, can be hard to track. Is it James’ turn tonight to unload the dishwasher or Carly’s? No use asking the kids as they would point to each other anyway! So how do you track family chores?

The Stay at Home Mum Family Chore Chart is the perfect solution. I use it myself, and we can all keep track of each other’s chores and be accountable for our own tasks. Feel free to download and print as many copies as you want!

Family Chores Chart | Stay At Home Mum

Click here to download and print!

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