Pocket Money Savings Chart for KidsTwo colours available!

Teach your children the value of saving money from an early age!

Teach them how important it is to set money aside for things they really want – it’s never too early to teach your child the value of money. If your child receives a daily allowance (and who doesn’t?), encourage them to spend only a portion of it and put the rest aside as their savings.

Now, we know that children (or even teenagers!) are not the best in diligently tracking their savings. Then again, it is important to track how much they have “earned” through saving because it will serve as an encouragement for them to save even more. Because of this, we created a freeĀ pocket money savings chart for kids for your family to use. Enjoy!

Pocket Money Savings Chart Blue

Click here to download and print!

Pocket Money Savings Chart Pink

Click here to download and print!

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