The ABC’s of Being an Awesome Mum

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The ABC’s of Being an Awesome Mum

When you think about it, being a parent is a pretty crazy concept.

You literally have nine months to prepare for something that no one can really prepare you for before you are handed an infant that you will be fully responsible for. And not just for a couple days. FOREVER.

Sure there are books you can read about pregnancy, sleeping, feeding, dealing with tantrums and so forth, but, really, there is not a test you have to pass to become a parent. And there is no real measurement to know if you are doing a good job. But I have faith that all of us mums and dads are doing a pretty amazing job and we all deserve an ‘A’ for Awesomeness.

Here are our ABC’s of Being an Awesome Mum to help you on those days when you may feel like you are getting a sub par grade. Download the PDF version here to print out and attach to your wall on those days when you really feel like selling your kids and moving to the Caribbean.

ABC's of Being an Awesome Mum - Stay at Home Mum

Are you an awesome mum?

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