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The $50 Weekly Shop - NEW BOOK!!!!

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Very good


Grabbed my copy from Big W yesterday!

Easy to read. Good to see normal recipes! Can't wait to finish it.
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OMG Where has this book been my whole life?

I always spend a fortune on grocery shopping... This week I got it down by $70 thanks to this book, it has inspired me to try harder to get it cheaper again. Brilliant, easy to read and the recipes are so simple!
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You'll save the money you spend buying it within a week

A refreshingly unpretentious book that takes us back to basics in the kitchen (and throughout the home). Jody’s down-to-earth, actionable frugality teachings save you money from the word go. Not a fad diet or acai berry in sight. Just simple, real, yet inspiringly-clever suggestions peppering every page. One of the most worthwhile reads in my motherhood journey.
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The $50 weekly shop is amazing

I love books I can relate to and this book is one of them. I really love it. I already had the Live well on less book and I was given this book as a gift. I love the readers stories! It also doesn't matter what type of family you have it has help for us all! I am a single mum with 3 teenagers and it is going to be a great help! Thanks Jody!
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The $50 weekly shop is the best book ever thank you

Love this book I just brought from the bookstore. THANK YOU Jody for making my life earlier to pay my bills & have the life I need with my family & make a change to be able to afford special treat, holidays etc. Hope everyone has the same life changing experience as I have. I have never followed anyone ever before so i will be now. Be following you all the way with your handy tips & hint. You have a big fan out of me right hear :) very grateful & thankful. Cheers
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Learn all the wonderful ways you can slash your grocery bill!

Jody Allen has already written two great books on saving money, but this one will be more awesome - written from someone that had to live on just $50/week for four years, she shares how to do it - step by step, where to shop, how to shop, recipes to make and everything in between!
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If you live in a rural community, 1hr 15mins from the nearest Aldi is this budget still achievable?

Sorry! Just realised I already asked this question last night! I blame fatigue....<br />

We live in a small town (1 & 15min drive to the nearest Aldi). Would this book still be beneficial or do you need to live in a city?

I cannot get rid of my shower screen soap scum stains , I have tried everything I can think off

How do you live on 50 week I have son and he eats more it would not last week as my food doesn't last then

It's so easy pls try it, :) I have to boys in my life & it's the best, I was septic about how it would help me as well but now I have tried it my self it's a great investment for life changing, saving money & living the life we all deserve.

Where do you buy the book cant fibd it

Here's the link for you - it's also available in Big W, Kmart, Target and selected bookstores.