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Sunbeam High Performance Power Blender (PB9000)

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Very good


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It Even Crushes ICE!

I've been looking for a shit-hot powerful blender for ages after my old one finally died. I needed something pretty powerful as I make pastry quite often - and my old blender just wouldn't do it - it would get all bound up and just stop with a burning smell. This Sunbeam Blender KILLED IT. Pastry was a breeze. And it must crush ice well because I used it to make some Daquiries and I don't remember anything afterward!

Other great notes about this Blender - it is really easy to clean! I just half filled it with water and a few drops of washing up liquid, pulsed - and it was spotless and shiny!

Unlike a lot of other blenders - this one doesn't have loads of 'parts' which is excellent because it makes it easy. I also love the pre-programmed buttons for smoothies and dips - something I usually put off making but now I'll be making my own all the time - especially coming up to Christmas.

Even my daughter is using it all the time - she has been making healthy smoothies before school every day.

A great investment worth having for all the jobs it can do!
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