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cherish your sleep (Baby Sleep Consultant)

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Very good


We used Lisa and safe to say I was less then happy with the service I received. Initially she was very prompt with her replies via email and was very understanding and compassionate over the phone. I was hesitant to go with Lisa as she has barely any “real” reviews online and none on her Facebook like other consultants I looked at. But she had been recommended threw a few friends of friends. Everything was good till we got the sleep plan then her communication went down hill. Not once did she ever reply to my first email, i always had to send a second email before I would get a response and a lot of the time she never answered my questions in the first email. I had to ring a couple of times and she said she would call me back but a week later I still hadnt heard anything, this is when I started to lose my faith in her and the plan. I emailed again and to this day never got a response. I gave up and went down the avenue of sleep school. She seemed great till she had our money.
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Cherish your sleep.

I saw Lisa in a group consultation and got a large print out covering heaps of issues and tools to rectify them. Her info really seemed to work for me. Fast forward 4-5 months and there were some new habits developing and I couldn’t locate my print out. I messaged her to request a copy of the same print out. (Referencing my appointment date and location) she sent a very vague answer that asked what information I originally recieved. I replied and she never did. I was at my wits end as a mum during this time and all I wanted was to read through the information to make sure I wasn’t forgetting something before I booked another consultation. Instead, of helping me, (maybe checking documents by date) or even looking for a further sales opportunity, she completely ignored my emails and even deleted my comment on her Facebook post asking for her to respond to my last message as I was feeling a bit let down by her lack of reply. She wants your money but has no interest in following up. Such a shame as like I mentioned, I found her info quite effective.
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Baby Sleep Consultant

Lisa is the founder of Cherish Your Sleep, a certified child sleep consultant and a mother to 3 young children.
She has always loved children, and has worked in the industry for over 20 years as a qualified child care worker, working primarily with children aged 0 – 3yrs. After a move to Melbourne in 2000, she was given the opportunity to open and operate numerous new child care centres throughout Victoria, which she did for 7 years until accepting a position at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
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