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Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant (Sleep Consultant)

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Very good


Absolutely amazing. She knows what she is talking about and will share with you everything you need to know to get your baby sleeping. The most important thing to me was sleep training in a way that I was comfortable with and she was so understanding of this and did not ask me to do anything I didn't want to. I felt completely supported and highly recommend!
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I needed help getting my baby to sleep

Amazing. That is all that I need to say. After discussing what was going on and my needs and wants as a parent, a plan was put together that I was comfortable with to help teach my baby to sleep. The results have been amazing and the support offered was everything I needed it to be. Highly recommend!
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Sleep Consultants Offering Phone and Skype Consultations

I am passionate about babies and toddlers developing fantastic sleep patterns that will promote and nurture healthy growth and take them through their childhood and beyond.

I understand the effects sleep deprivation can have on both the child's and the parents' emotional wellbeing and how this impacts everyday life. I also have an understanding of nutrition and the effects foods can have on sleep along with the science behind sleep. By working with the body's natural biological rhythms we can ensure a child's emotional needs are being met while they are learning how to develop independent sleep skills.

I offer individual and supportive sleep solutions for children up to 5 years old to suit any parenting style including gentle sleep training methods and would love to help you and your child achieve sleep harmony.
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