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Why are "gamer chairs" always like this?

Sorry, but I need to put this out there.
When anyone talks about "gamer chairs" nothing beyond these awful racing car bucket look-alike things are shown or suggested. Almost NO ONE gets it right!
These sort of traditional upright office chairs - no matter how sporty they look - are terrible for long gaming sessioins. They really are. What you REALLY want, and just about no one company has produced (except at thd most riddiculous prices) is something like a chaise lounge, where the seating is soft and padded, laid slightly back to take a bit of pressure off your spine, and most importantly, your legs are up and well supported. This is crucial, trust me!

I personally have this old chaise lounge, rather like the ones you get from Super Amart or something tor $600 (except I scored mine cheaper) and honestly, it is exactly the thing you want for long gaming sessions.
I play WoW a lot, but also other games, and I will often be at my computer for a good 4-6 hours, often as I wait for sleep to come. It's relaxing for my mind and also since my body is in a comfortable position, there is zero back strain, important if you are an older gamer like me, and everything hurts, lol!

Sorry, but these racer chairs are NOT gamer chairs. They're a glorified high back office chair with a racing car seat look.
They do literally nothing to cater to the unique needs of gamers.
People get them because they are the only thing readily available, and we simply don't have a choice, unless, like me, you find an unconventional piece of furniture for it.

Please don't fall for these things. They're wholly unsuitable for a real gamer. Get a chaise lounge instead. You'll thank me later.

I wish the companies that made "gaming chairs" would get an actual clue, as it can be cheaply made, with only a few added extras to make it perfect. This is a really big issue, and it needs to be discussed a LOT more, and more than that, these "gaming chair" manufacturers need to start listening and consider changing their game up a bit and offering better designs. These racing car stupid things are outdated and just don't cut it.
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