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10 Chocolate Cakes Because Chocolate and CakeA good chocolate cake is essential to every home cook!

Which chocolate cake is right for you?

Every time I go online to find a good recipe for a chocolate cake, I’m inundated with different recipes… and I never know which one might be right for the occasion.  Today we’ll go through all the amazing chocolate cake recipes that we have here on Stay at Home Mum, and will give you the low-down on what sort of cake to choose for what occasion.  Because – there is no better combination in the world – than chocolate and cake!

 10 Chocolate cake recipes

Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake

I love this cake because it doesn’t contain expensive chocolate. Well yes, it has cocoa and butter and all those other good things a good chocolate cake needs, but you don’t need to go to the expense of buying bars of chocolate to melt and burn in the microwave….

Perfect for:  The perfect day to day chocolate cake.  Good for school lunches or making cakes with the kids.  It is simple and delicious!

Grab the recipe here!

Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake | Stay at Home Mum

Moist Chocolate Cake

Yes, it is moist… because all good chocolate cakes are.  This is is just a bit more decadent than the Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake…

Perfect For: Girls morning tea, dessert for a dinner party, the school fete.

Grab the recipe here!

Moist Chocolate Cake | Stay at Home Mum

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