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This cake is so pretty without even breaking a sweat! You can even buy the four ingredients, so there is no cooking involved.

This cake is so pretty without even breaking a sweat! You can even buy the four ingredients, so there is no cooking involved.

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  • 1 Double Sponge plain
  • 2 Packets White Tim Tams minus 2 for quality control!
  • 2 cups Vanilla Icing you may cheat by buying premade icing
  • 1 cup 100's & 1000's Sprinkles

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  1. Use a store bought double sponge for an easy option unless you're keen to channel your inner sponge making goddess!
  2. Using a large knife trim each sponge by 2cm on the flat side to make it easier. This will make your sponge the same height as the tim tams.
  3. Ice the top of the base sponge with a layer of icing, you can also spread a layer of strawberry jam if you like also. Now place the top sponge on and continue to ice the whole sponge. You only need a thin layer around the sides as the tim tams will also have icing on them. The top is main icing feature so make sure you have a nice thick even layer on top.
  4. Place the sprinkles in a medium bowl. Take one tim tam  and using a butter knife thinly spread with icing, covering as much as you can. Place into sprinkles with the back (or flat side of the tim tam) facing you, this does not need to have sprinkles on it and will stick easier. Now remove tim tam from bowl by gently holding the sides (yes I was nervous, it's really easy!) and stick the plain side to the side of sponge, gently push the front to ensure it sticks. Repeat icing, adding sprinkles then stick to cake until the sides are all covered. You may need to trim your last tim tam so it fits, we did but just ice over the trimmed edge and you can't tell!
  5. Now to be fancy you can tie a ribbon around the cake but it is not essential! This took me about 15 minutes and the kids thought it was awesome! Trust me this may be my new favorite Birthday cake as over the years I have spent what feels like days on a cake!


Recipe Hints and Tips:

  • 100's & 1000's Birthday Cake is suitable for freezing. If you have any leftover slice up into individual pieces wrap in cling wrap and use as a treat for school lunches!
  • Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days, in summer keep refrigerated.

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