11 Cooking Skills Your Kids Should LearnTeaching Kids To Cook Just Makes Sense

3. Making Toast

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If you’ve got a toaster and your children are even marginally switched on, learning to make toast is a simple skill that will save you time and stress in the morning. Supervise initially, and perhaps have a breakfast bar with spreads and toppings somewhere accessible, but apart from that, let your kids run loose. Even young children can pick up the basics of making toast, and that’s breakfast sorted.

4. Making Oatmeal

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Along with toast oatmeal (or porridge as we call it in Australia) is one of the most varied and satisfying breakfast options accessible to child cooks. Rolled oats, steel cut, and quick oats are all easy to cook either on the stove, for large batches, or in the microwave, for smaller batches. Just remember to add 2:1 (water to oats) for most, with less for steel cut. Plus, you can add almost anything to oats, from butter, cream and milk to peanut butter, fruit and more!

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