11 Cooking Skills Your Kids Should LearnTeaching Kids To Cook Just Makes Sense

5. Preparing Their Lunch

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Morning time can be an absolute killer if you’ve got kids in school, particularly if there’s more than one. That’s why all kids should learn how to prep their lunches, to cut some of the stress away from mum and dad. Not only are kids who make their own lunches more likely to eat it, but they’re also going to learn valuable meal prep skills for simple foods like sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

6. Measuring 

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Is there a child on the planet that isn’t interested in measuring? We don’t think so! Measuring isn’t just a great skill to learn for following recipes; it’s also a practical way of learning math skills, in particular, fractions. Involving kids in measuring when they’re young makes it easy for them to do it for themselves when they’re older, a useful skill for any recipe.

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