11 Cooking Skills Your Kids Should LearnTeaching Kids To Cook Just Makes Sense

7. Making Rice

making rice

For those with a rice cooker, teaching your children to make rice is such a useful life-long skill. Plus, it’s super easy. In fact, even without a rice cooker, it’s easy, and it’s a kid-friendly activity. The most important thing to remember about cooking rice is the ratio. For most kinds of rice, it’s 2:1 (water to rice) for the first two cups, and then 1.5:1 (water to rice) after that. Your kids will probably have their rice preferences (i.e. mushy vs dry), and they can adjust based on that.

8. Cutting & Peeling Things

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We know what you’re thinking. Kids and knives? No, thank you! Well, we aren’t expecting you to give your toddler a razor sharp blade, but even young children can learn to cut things up. Tools like a food chopper, for cutting onions, a child-safe vegetable peeler, an egg slicer (which can cut eggs, soft fruits, and soft cheeses), and crinkle cutters, which allow for a two-handed action, are all great options. As kids progress, you can start them with small knives that are sharp, but not too sharp, cutting simple fruits and vegetables (softer is better).

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