11 Cooking Skills Your Kids Should LearnTeaching Kids To Cook Just Makes Sense

9. Cooking Eggs

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Eggs are such a versatile and delicious food, not to mention a cheap protein, which everyone should know how to cook them. With kids, start with something simple, like scrambling over a low heat, and build up to frying and even poaching as they get older. Not only are eggs great for breakfast, but they’re also an easy lunch and dinner, and a healthy alternative to processed foods for when your child is learning to be independent.

10. Meal Planning

meal planning with kids
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If kids are going to learn to cook, they should learn to plan as well. Planning the meals you intend to make, the ingredients you will need, and the time requirements are useful life skills, and getting your kids involved in the process makes food more inclusive, and less like something forced on them by a parent. In the holidays or on the weekend, you could even have your child prepare one family meal (be it breakfast, lunch or dinner) alone or with minimal supervision, from the planning stage to the serving stage.

11. Cleaning The Kitchen

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via blog.missionforhealth.com.au

You can’t teach kids to cook without also teaching them to clean. Cleaning the kitchen isn’t just a cooking skill, it’s a life skill, and one that is best picked up early. Skills that are suitable for kids include setting and clearing the table, filling the dishwasher or doing the dishes, separating leftovers from scraps, wiping the counters and sweeping the floors. A clean kitchen means safe food, a nice space, and the freedom to explore cooking.

What cooking skills would you teach your children?

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