3 Easy Australia Day Barbecue Meal Plans

3 Easy Australia Day Barbecue Meal Plans
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3 Easy Australia Day Barbecue Meal Plans

With the hangover of Christmas still lurking in the air, the thought of entertaining with friends and family over the Summer Holidays can sometimes feel like too much hard work.

After all, who wants to have friends over and then spend the whole time cooking in the kitchen – not outside in the sunshine, enjoying the laughter of kids, and catching up on all the latest stories.  Well Woolworths and Stay at Home Mum have come together to solve this problem for you.  You see, this is Fast Food – that is healthy.  And to make your job even easier, we have even put all the ingredients together in a shopping list – so you can download the list and pop into Woolworths to grab everything you need for a fuss free shindig!

Summer Barbecue | Stay at Home Mum

First Things First – Choose a Meal Plan

We have done three totally different, full menus for you to choose from. All of the menu’s include child-friendly options because kids like to have something a bit different from the grown-ups!

All of the menu’s have Entree’s, Main’s and Desserts – choosing easy meals that can be thrown straight on the barbecue, without fuss.

Choose the one that appeals to you the most!

Once you have chosen the menu plan you want, download the Shopping List.  You can either print off the list to take directly into Woolworths, or click on the items you want and be taken directly to the Woolworths online store.

Meal Plan 1: The Traditional Australian Day Lamb Barbecue Meal Plan

Roast lamb – perhaps the most traditional of Australian Barbecue Meats.  This Meal Plan is made for making entertaining super simple!

See the recipes HERE and download the shopping list HERE.

Traditional Menu Shopping List


Meal Plan 2: Summer Seafood Sensation

What is an Australian Summer without delicious seafood!  This Meal Plan has the yummiest seafood on offer – and served with easy, delicious salads that you can just grab in bulk from Woolworths.  The best thing about seafood is that it cooks so quickly – so you can have lunch on the table within minutes!

See the recipes HERE and download the shopping list HERE.

Summer Seafood | Stay at Home


Meal Plan 3: The Vegan Summer Barbecue Experience

Why not try a Vegan Option for something a bit different.  If you think that vegan is boring – you need to think again.  We offer a Vegan Cheeseball!!!  And it is totally amazing.

See the recipes HERE and download the shopping list HERE.

The Vegan Summer Barbecue Experience

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