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7 Sneaky Ways To Use Leftover RiceDon't Chuck It, Use It!

We’ve all done it. Popped a batch of rice on to cook either in the cooker or in a pot on the stove only to realise later that we have seriously overestimated just how much rice we needed.

What remains when dinner is done is lots, and lots, of leftover rice. So, what are you going to do with it? Well, if you were planning on just chucking it out, stop right there! There are actually seven things you can do instead.

7 Sneaky Ways To Use Leftover Rice

1. Fry It Up


Probably, the best thing to use your leftover rice for is another meal, and nothing comes to mind quite like fried rice. The great thing about fried rice is it actually tastes so much better when you cook it with cooled rice. No more lumpy stodgy mid-week fried rice, your leftovers will make the rice separate, flavourful, and prime for stir frying. Mix in a few frozen or fresh veggies, some chicken or bacon bits, and whack an egg on top. Dinner is served!

2. Use It As A Soup Filler


For families looking to make their shopping stretch, you can’t get much cheaper or more filling than a good soup. But one way to make that soup even more delicious, filling, and frugal is to pop your leftover rice into it. Rice adds such a great texture to soup, and it bulks it out so that soups go that much further. Leftover rice can be added into any soup that calls for pasta or noodles, or to make something of a savoury rice porridge out of a soup that is perhaps a little too watery for your taste.

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