A Christmas Banquet Menu for 8 People Under $100!We came up with a delicious menu that's totally worth the splurge!

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A delicious Christmas Lunch Menu for 8 people under $100!

This post is brought to you in partnership with our friends at Woolworths.

At Stay at Home Mum we are famous for our $50 Menu Plans. We have the $50 Weekly Shop and have done a Frugal Christmas Menu every year since we started for just $50.  But this year, we thought we’d do something a bit different.

There are so many delicious and decadent foods out there (and it is Christmas) – so we thought we would challenge ourselves to set a menu for eight people – as decadent as possible – for $100.00.

And decadent it is!  Here’s what we came up with!

Entree and Nibbles – Allowance $25.00:

It is surprising just how much food $25 allows.  Now I love a hot nibble – because cheese and meats (unless you are buying a platter) – take time.  With these delicious morsels, you just throw them on an oven tray and 15 minutes or so later – your entree is done.  Pair them with a few dipping sauces, keep it simple with tomato sauce, sweet chilli and even mayonnaise! Even you have sauces already in the pantry (and most of us already do) – your entree will come in at only $25.00!

Total: $20.00

Main Course – Allowance $55.00:

The traditional ‘rule of thumb’ is to allow 200 grams of meat per person.  But it is Christmas – and to be generous – we are going to allow 250 grams per person.

Total: $57.39


Christmas Desserts (Allowance of $20 for 8 People):

Grab one of the delicious Christmas Cakes from Woolworths – they are priced from $20 – $30. I chose the Custard and Cherry Trifle Cake – and it serves 20 – so there will be plenty of leftovers to eat when the guests have gone home!

Total: $20.00

Grand Total of Meal: $97.39A Christmas Lunch Menu for 8 People Under $100!


Enjoy and have a schmancy Christmas meal!

A Christmas Lunch Menu for 8 People Under $100!

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