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Can’t survive without a Latte or Flat White first thing?

Have a couple of cans of Coke per day? Drinks can be a big expense for busy families. Some of our favourite drinks can cost us a lot of money.

So, what are cost effective alternatives to our favourite drinks?

Here are a few ways to spend less and get more from the beverages that you like to drink.



Drink Water – From the Tap!

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy bottled water. Your grocery bill is one reason, but another reason is the environment. Plastic bottles are not biodegradable and they often do not end up in recycling. If you don’t like your tap water, buy a water filter and fill reusable stainless steel bottles with water to take with you instead of those plastic bottles. You will save a lot of money as well as do something good for the planet.

Use Drink Mixes

If you like a little fruity or sweet drink, try a cordial. There are loads of healthier type versions now, sugar free, reduced sugar etc. You also have a variety of energy drinks to choose from. Just add your powdered drink mix to your reusable stainless steel bottle of filtered tap water, shake, and you’re ready to go; for a lot less money. Or there is the healthier version – just add a squeeze of lemon or orange juice.

Try tea

You can brew tea any time with little effort. Tea only requires water and your favorite tea bag. You can add flavourings like sugar, mint, lemon, or orange, to name a few. In the summer you can brew your tea in the sun by adding tea bags to a big jar of water and setting it in a sunny place.

Make punch

Use a fruity drink mix in water, and instead of adding sugar, add club soda or ginger beer for a tingly fizz. This is a relatively inexpensive beverage for a kids party, especially when you compare it to cans of softdrink.

Add flavour with fruity ice cubes

Make ice cubes out of fruit juice or punch, then add these ice cubes to your favourite tea, or even to water or juice to perk up the flavour.

Use a juicer

Using a fruit and vegetable juicer provides you with nutritious juice that has all the vitamins and minerals of the bottled counterparts, with less sugar. Kids will get a kick out of creating their own juicy creations and may not even miss the soda. My personal favourite is watermelon, lemon and pineapple – yummy!!!

Add lemon

If you just want a more refreshing taste to your water, add a slice of lemon, lime, orange, or even cucumber to brighten up your glass of water. Water doesn’t have to be dull and flat. Make it enjoyable and refreshing.

Beverages can add a lot to your grocery bill. Kids typically can drink up a lot of money with their soft drinks and cordials. Instead, use the alternative suggestions above and gain control of your refreshment dollars.  And remember to always keep a bottle of water in the car for the inevitable ‘I’m thirsty’ as soon as you go anywhere with the kids!

What are your ideas for drinks without the dollar signs?

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