Baking Hacks Part 2

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Baking Hacks Part 2

Last week we brought you the best of our Baking Hacks in Part 1. Now we are back again with more awesome ways to make baking more fun and easy for everyone. Give these amazingly simple Baking Hacks a go and let us know if they worked for you!

Bake and Ice At The Same Time

Frost cupcakes easily by topping with a giant marshmallow in the last 5 minutes of cooking, it will melt all over the cupcake and make a delicious icing.

Paying a fortune for patty pans for muffins and cupcakes?

Unless presentation is important, use squares of baking paper instead. Cheaper, adaptable to suit all sized muffins and cupcakes and something you no doubt already have in the house.

Whipped cream without a beater?

Grab a jar with a tight fitting lid, fill it up to ¾ full with cream and shake, shake, shake! About three minutes will get you beautiful, thick, whipped cream every time.Baking Hacks Part 2

Does your electric whisk flick batter all over you?

Push the beaters through a paper plate before fitting to the beater body and the plate will cover the top of the bowl while you beat the contents without the over spray.

Need soft butter quickly

But hate how it melts in the microwave? Put butter to be softened on a plate and cover it with a warm drinking glass, it will be soft in just a few minutes.

Don’t eat a whole batch of cookies in one go or find they go stale before getting eaten?

Freeze cookie dough in ice cube trays for ready to bake, perfect bite sized snacks.

Looking for an easy but beautifully presented dessert?

Try making cookies on the underside of your muffin tray, resulting in cookie bowls. Great for filling with a beautiful little pudding.

Baking Hacks Part 2Can’t wait a few minutes for soft butter?

Grate it with a cheese grater for instant soft butter.

Need to line a cake tin with baking paper?

But lose the desire to bake while hunting for a working pencil then tracing and cutting out that stupid circle? Take a piece of baking paper and fold it in half to create a triangle. Repeat this over and over until you have a pointy little triangle. Put the point in the centre of the baking tray and trim the paper at the edge of the cake pan base. When you unfold the paper you will have a perfect circle of paper the size of the cake tin.

Measuring sticky ingredients for your favourite cake or cookies?

A quick spray on your measuring spoons with cooking oil will ensure you get the entire ingredient in the bowl instead of half in the bowl and half still on the spoon.

Got any more hacks for our collection? Let us know!


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