Book Review: The Great Thermo Meal Prep Cookbook

Book Review: The Great Thermo Meal Prep Cookbook

Book Review: The Great Thermo Meal Prep Cookbook

Tracey Pattirson is a qualified holistic health, wellbeing and life coach with a 25-year career in cookbook publishing. Her passion is encouraging people of all ages into the kitchen in whichever way suits their lifestyle with a focus on affordable, simply prepared and seasonal family food.


Okay, so, let’s start right here”¦

Yes, I have a thermo appliance.

No, it is not one that costs thousands of dollars, it a New Wave ThermoChef .

No, I do not use it much.

Yes, I used it a few times when I got it.

Yes, it was a PR gift.

Yes, it is sitting in my cupboard. And most likely feeling very lonely and unloved!

Will I get it out after reviewing this book? Hmmmm.. I’ll get back to on that one!

(Credit where credit is due though, it did make the silkiest mashed potatoes! )

The Great Thermo Chef Cookbook | Stay at Home Mum

The golden words before we hit this Covid lockdown state were Meal Prep! Everyone was so busy we needed a strategy to help keep us on the ‘healthy dinner path’ and stop us from grabbing chicken and chips or pizza on the way home from a long day at work.

Prepping for the week ahead on your day off means most of the stress is taken out of hectic weeknights and we are still seeing meal prep ideas and advice coming through.

Planning our meals and snacks for the week may never have been more important with so many of us stuck at home for work and school. It’s so easy to reach for a crappy package in the back of the pantry if we don’t have easy meals and snacks on hand.

Within the pages of The Great Thermo Meal Prep Cookbook you will find everything you need to know and be assured that all recipes will work in any thermo machine. Tracy walks us through an 8-week menu plan with shopping lists and Sunday prep guides, batch-cooking and healthy lunch box ideas.

Chapters include weeknight meals, batch-cooking and freezer friendly staples with quick and easy sides, and make and bake ahead with tray bakes and (home cooked)take-outs. You’ll find flavourful spice blends and marinades too. Each marinade comes with multiple recipe ideas to add some spice to your life!

The images are bright and enticing and if you really love the look of them but don’t own a thermo cooker they are recipes you could cook on the stove or in oven.

The Great Thermo Chef Cookbook | Stay at Home Mum

Recipes I want To Cook:

  • Moroccan Chicken pg42
  • Zesty Mex Pork and Veggie Rice pg58
  • Italian Balsamic Chicken Tray Bake pg69
  • Sicilian Olive Tapenade pg117
  • Thai Chicken Green Curry pg134
  • Beef Madras pg138
  • Minted Pea and Haloumi Bread Roll Quiches pg168
  • Strawberry Shortcake pg183
  • And I’m really keen to give some of Tracey’s curry pastes a go too! Pgs 126-127

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