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Book Review: The Plant Protein Revolution Cookbook

A vegan for over 30 years, Robin Robertson is the best selling author of One-Dish Vegan and Vegan Planet. Supercharge your body with more than 85 delicious vegan recipes made with protein-rich plant-based ingredients.

Whether you are an all-out vegan, vegetarian or you just want to add a meat-free day to week this cookbook has something for everyone.

The Plant Protein Revolution Cookbook | Stay at Home Mum

Appetizers, salads, sandwiches, stovetop simmers and skillets, from the oven, breakfasts, protein-rich sweets and all the info you need about plant protein basics.

Robin educates us on adequate protein consumption and where to find in the plant-based world. The first chapter of this protein-rich vegan cookbook talks about plant protein, an essential part of any healthy diet. He busts the myths around protein and meat, talks about how much protein we need to be healthy and healthy, and runs us through the list of high-protein plant foods.

The recipes are bright, enticing, super healthy and easy to prepare.  You’ll happily have a few to your weekly repertoire!

Book Review: The Plant Protein Revolution Cookbook

What I Want To Cook from this Cookbook:

  • Two Bean Nacho pg42
  • Greek Goddess Niçoise Salad pg57
  • Seitan and Mushroom Gyros pg76
  • Jambalaya Red Beans and Rice pg101
  • Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesey pg151
  • Chocolate Sauce pg161
  • Cashew Cream Cheese pg184

Recipes and images from The Plant Protein Revolution Cookbook by Robin Robertson

Available from Angus & Robertson RRP $39.99

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