Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate Bouquet

Who doesn’t love receiving a big bunch of flowers? And chocolates, they’re pretty awesome too. This Mother’s Day why not combine the two and make a fantastic bouquet of chocolates!



  1. Container for the base

  2. Fill for the container use a florists oasis, sand, salt, pebbles or even lollies

  3. Chocolates

  4. Long thin skewers

  5. Tissue paper

  6. Scissors

  7. Sticky

  8. Colourful ribbon and bows

  9. Create a base for the arrangement. Any container will do provided that you can put fill inside that will hold up your flower stems. For example, fill a vase with pebbles or frosted-glass marbles, a pot with salt or sand, or box with an oasis block inside. For an extra surprise, fill a clear jar with lollies such as Jelly Bellies or Kool Fruits.

  10. Choose chocolates that the recipient will love, and are firm enough to support the insertion of skewers or long thin sticks. For best results use Lindt balls, Ferrero Rocher's or other pre-wrapped chocolates like Roses, Favorites or Celebrations.

  11. Push a room-temperature chocolate onto a skewer.

  12. Cut enough 20cm x 20cm tissue paper squares for each of your Ëflowers'. Press the end of the skewer that is not holding the chocolate through the centre. The tissue paper can be plain or printed, preferably contrasting the colour of the chocolates.

  13. Slide the paper to the other end and pinch it into a petal formation around the chocolate. Twist and secure it at the bottom with sticky tape so that it is secured in shape.

  14. Arrange your bouquet into the box or container.

  15. Finish the bouquet with ribbon and a big colorful bow.

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