Ten Things You Must Dip In Chocolate

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Ten Things You Must Dip In Chocolate

You’ve opened this post I’m sure, because of its promising title. It’s full of promises.

Yummy, yummy promises which I swear to completely satisfy. There’s nothing we don’t love about chocolate, so why not spread the love around! Dust off your best fondue set and prepare to dazzle your taste buds.

Here are 10 things you must dip in chocolate, (besides your finger and a spoon):

Chocolate chip cookies

As this post will demonstrate, there is no such thing as too much chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies are best served dipped in chocolate and left to set before eating. You can turn a 40% chocolate chip biscuit into a 90% chocolate chip & dipped biscuit. Need some good chocolate chip cookies? Try this recipe.

Cheesecake bites (partially frozen)

Cheesecake bites, partially frozen; then dipped in chocolate are amaze-balls. They’re amaze-cubes actually. Or amazing squared. Whatever. Try it! They are freaking delicious! You can use any of our awesome Cheesecake Recipes, and once set, cut into cubes after freezing until just set.

Glace ginger

Glace ginger carries a bit of a punch. Mellow that ginger ninja out with a coat of dark chocolate and leave to set in the fridge. Make a whole batch and bottle up as a great gift, if you can resist eating them!

Madeira cake

Madeira cake is the perfect type of cake for dunking. It won’t crumble away or melt and will lift with a generous coat of delicious chocolate. Try different flavoured cakes until you find your perfect match. My personal favourite, an orange Madeira cake generously dipped in dark chocolate.


Chocolate dipped marshmallows are one of the best food marriages out there. They even sell them like that in the lolly aisle. Now, imagine you are, in fact, a fan of these babies, now just take that one step further and imagine them warm. Oh yeeessss! That’s what you can expect from dunking a marshmallow into any type of chocolate.Ten Things You Must Dip In Chocolate

Chocolate Brownie squares

OK, this is chocolate overload, (especially if you use this recipe for the brownies.) Like when you were a teenager and celebrated every birthday party at a Death by Chocolate restaurant…my high school gang loved the one next to Miranda Fair) that same sick, ill feeling will creep up quickly. But not before you’ve died and gone to heaven! If you’ve never experienced a Death by Chocolate restaurant, think along the lines of the all you can eat dessert bar ills from Pizza Hut or Sizzler.

Almond Biscotti

Again, this is not an original idea. They sell them at shops. But it’s the warmth a fondue set imbues into the food that really takes it to the next level. May I suggest a bonus level: dunk in chocolate, then into your coffee. Winner!


My hubby grew up in the States. And while Americans love to add extra calories where they can to every meal, they really have it down pat with dunking stuff into other stuff. There is something magic about the combination of salty, bready goodness encased in chocolate. Go on, try it. You won’t stop at one. I also set chocolate on pretzels and give to my kids on a string with a plain one to keep them busy in the car or at a church service.


A bit left of field you’re probably thinking. And I guess you’ve also let out a huge sigh of relief I didn’t start raving on about bacon dipped in chocolate. (I know. Whaaaaaat?! Why ruin a perfectly good piece of bacon? Or pollute the chocolate in such a way?) But shortbread is definitely one of the top ten things you should be dipping in chocolate right now. So delicious, you won’t be able to stop at one. Shortbread dipped in chocolate is also awesome to set and keep for later. Here is a great recipe to get you started.


How could I honestly formulate this list without including strawberries? A winter delight and a burst of fresh flavour best encased in chocolate, warm and dripping or set hard and cracks on your first bite, you will never go wrong with this golden oldie.

Now of course this is just a list of the top ten things you should dip in chocolate. There are so many other things you could try! You are limited only by your imagination and how much chocolate you have on hand!

What is your favorite thing to dip in chocolate? Please share!

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