Cooking Tips

Stay at Home Mum’s Cooking Tips section is the ‘how to’ or ‘why’ of our website. Cake didn’t rise? How to fix a burnt saucepan? We have the answer here!

How to Cook Perfect Crispy Skinned Salmon

Fresh Australian Salmon

How to Cook the Perfect Egg

Poached, Boiled or Fried. What is your favourite?

Using Leftover Food to Save Money

Creative Ways to Throw Out Less

Cookbook Review: 7 Ways by Jamie Oliver

Book Review: The Great Thermo Meal Prep Cookbook

The bumper must-have meal prep cookbook for thermo lovers with recipes suitable for any brand device.

Need An Ingredient Substitute? What To Do In Those "Oh Crap" Moments!

When your pantry runs out of stock!

9 Healthy Bread Recipes for the Bread Machine

Don't let it get dusty in the pantry - use it!

10 Foods You Can Cook in Your Toaster

Hint, most don't even involve bread!

10 Awesome Uses For Ice Cube Trays

Other Than Ice!

Condensed Milk Alternatives

Substitutes for Condensed Milk

How Long Does Food Last?

Know when to eat it or toss it in the bin!

6 Tips On How To Plan a Progressive Dinner

All the fun with less hassle!

21 Ways to Eat the Food You Love Without the Guilt

Some healthy cooking tips!

Make Winter More Memorable With Steggles!

Nothings beats a delicious and warm slowcooker chicken curry in on a cold night!

How To Make Pasta From Scratch

It's easier than you think!

Six Tips To Navigate A Farmers Market

Where strategy is key!

How to Cut Up a Chicken

It is easy!