Create a New Taste, Help Stop Food Waste

Create a New Taste, Help Stop Food Waste

Did you know that the average SAHM reader wastes $750 per year on spoiled food? Well, here is your chance to not only reduce your food waste but also WIN this money back with our Create a New Taste, Help Stop Food Waste Challenge.

Challenge Yourself and WIN!

With the average SAHM reader spending $100 a week on groceries for their family, it is estimated that 30% of this food is being thrown out, either because it goes off, goes stale or gets thrown in the bin (or fed to the dog rather than used the next day in a meal).

Stay at Home Mum have teamed up with GLAD, the experts in saving good food from going bad, to try and reduce the amount of money we are spending each year on food waste.  By protecting and storing our food in the right way,  meal planning, using our leftovers in creative new ways, organising our fridge, freezer and pantry and freezing our food correctly, we can save money every week, reducing our food waste and our living expenses. Bring it.  
Create a New Taste Help Stop Food Waste with GLAD and Stay at Home Mum

Kick Start your Food Savings Fund

As part of our Food Waste Challenge, we are asking you to tell us “What is the most creative recipe you’ve made using leftover ingredients others would have thrown out?” We’ve got one prize of $750 to give away as well as three GLAD food saving gift packs on offer.

And be sure to head on over to our Food Waste Challenge Page to join in on the fun. We will be featuring  12 Food Waste Challenge Recipes, complete with FREE downloadable recipe cards to collect and use in your challenge.

Good luck from Stay at Home Mum and GLAD. May the best leftover recipe win…. 

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