30 Incredible First Birthday CakesThese cakes are beyond spectacular!

First birthday cakes can be absolutely spectacular! Only the best for the precious little ones on a very special birthday.

Every parent knows that marking the first year of their baby’s life is so special, and what better way to make it more special than by making the most extra special first birthday cakes for their extra special bundle of joy.

These cakes are amazingly stunning and would be a lot of work to make, it obviously pays off!

Animal-themed Cakes

For your little animal lover, take a pick among these cute “animalistic” designs.

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Floral-themed Cakes

As lovely as your precious little one are these lovely floral-themed cakes.


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Simple But Elegant Cakes

Cakes that are fit for your little princes and princesses.


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Heart-themed Cakes

Let your love for your little ones flow with these heart-themed sweets.

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For your little gentleman…


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Rainbow-themed Cakes

What could be happier than these rainbow-themed cakes to express your happiness as your precious one turns one!


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Celebration Cakes

No birthday celebration is ever perfect without balloons, ice creams or ribbons. So, enjoy cakes with these designs for a perfect celebration!


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Which is your favourite first birthday cake?

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