21 Ways to Eat the Food You Love Without the Guilt (Page 2)Some healthy cooking tips!

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14. Replace Tomato Sauce with Salsa

It’s such a healthier option with reduced sugar and fat. Bonus points if you make it yourself.Kale

15. Add Kale and Spinach

This is my favourite healthy eating hack. Whenever I make a lasagne or casserole, I always add a layer of  spinach or kale. Once the casserole or lasagne is baked, the layer of goodness hides in between the sauce and cheese and my kids will happily gobble it up.

16. Make Legumes Your Friend

You can also add a wide range of legumes, from chick peas, lentils and red kidney beans to any mince dish as a way to beef up the protein and goodness.


17. Choose Turkey over Chicken or Beef

It is leaner and around the same price. Not only is it great for sandwiches but turkey mince can be used to make delicious burgers, rissoles, meatloaf and, my favourite, shepherd’s pie. Whenever I swap the turkey mince for the beef mince, I also swap in sweet potatoes rather than white potatoes for a whole new taste.

18. Swap Potatoes for Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are a healthier option than standard white potatoes, and they cook much quicker! They are wonderful diced and baked and tossed through a salad.

19. Steam for Less

When serving up veggies with dinner, opt to steam them rather than boiling them. The closer to being raw, the better for you. Allow them to steam for only three to five minutes and then take them off and prepare them.

20. Add in Almonds

Raw almonds provide a powerful punch of protein and can be easily added to your favourite creamy pasta sauce like Alfredo. Simply blend the almonds and add them in. 

21. Get creative when Baking

Baked goods provide an easy way to add extra veggies, seeds and superfoods into your diet. Our favourite recipes include Spinach Brownies, Zucchini Brownies and Choc Chia Slice.

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