How to Put Together the Ultimate Aussie Man Platter

How to Put Together the Ultimate Aussie Man Platter

Today we’re going to show you how to put together the Ultimate Aussie Man Platter!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Woolworths.

Grazing Platters, Tapas and Hor D’Oeuvres are so yesterday. Pfft. Like, SOOO yesterday!

When you want to eat finger food, you want to EAT finger food. Not just nibble like a rabbit and still go home hungry cause all that kale didn’t fill you up. This platter is the entree and the dinner in one.

Hearty, delicious finger food that even the most seasoned rugby player would be seen eating in public, with a bit of tomato sauce on his chin.


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The Guide to a Good Man Platter

When making a platter of this calibre, you need variety, some old favourites, some fancy new things, a few semi-healthy (but hot) options and tomato sauce.  No garlic aioli or lemon hummus dipping sauces here. We are keeping it simple. Remember, this platter needs to be eaten with one hand on the food, and the other tucked into your shorts. It’s the Australian way!

Our man platter had the following:

The Old Favourites!

  • Party Pies
  • Mini Dagwood Dogs
  • Mozzarella Sticks

The New Kids on the Block:

You grab all these from the freezer section at your local Woolworths. They are da bomb diggity!

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I have a heap of these stashed in my freezer in case we have guests over since they are so damn handy. They are also great to just sneak a few out of the box and heat and eat in the laundry when the kids aren’t looking.

Woolworths Pumpkin and Harissa Bites (8 pack)

Woolworths Cheese & Ham Croquettes (8 pack)

Woolworths Macaroni & Cheese Balls (8 pack)

Woolworths Bolognese Arancini (8 pack)

Woolworths Chicken & Mushroom Arancini (8 pack)

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  • Tomato
  • If you wanna get fancy, have barbecue sauce too.

the Ultimate Aussie Man Platter | Stay at Home

Putting it All Together:

The best thing about this man platter is that you can pull them all from the freezer and have them piping hot in front of the television in 20 minutes FLAT! These items are great because you can buy them in advance and take them out whenever you have visitors around.

Remove everything from the packaging. Place in preheated oven for 20 minutes.

DONE! Even my 10 year old kid can do that!

Here’s a Mansplain on How to Make it Look ‘Dignified’

Step 1:  Grab out a clean wooden platter.

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Step 2:  Put a few smaller platters on top – this gives your platter a bit of ‘height’ and makes the hot food look as sexy as hot meat pie on Grand Final night.


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Step 3:  Cook all the food according to the instructions (you can do this all on one baking tray).


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Step 4: Add sauce. And when I say sauce, I mean tomato. Fancy people have barbecue sauce, too.


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Step 5: EAT!!!


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How to Put Together the Ultimate Aussie Man Platter


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