I’m Not Going Food Shopping For the Next Four Weeks – Part 2

I’m Not Going Food Shopping For the Next Four Weeks – Part 2

Today is Day 5 of my ‘I’m Not Going Food Shopping For the Next Four Weeks’ challenge.

Hubby and I were in bed last night.

He goes…

‘So, you are really not going to go shopping for four weeks?’

‘Yep’ I replied.

There was silence…

‘But what are we going to eat?’ he says.

‘Didn’t you read my article yesterday – we are going to eat what we already have – there is SHIT loads of food in the freezer.’

‘But what about cereal.  I love my cereal.  We are nearly out of cereal.’. Panic is starting to cross his face.

I thought about this for a while.  After all, we are a breakfast cereal eating family.  At any one time we have about 10 packets on the go!

‘Ummmmmm… pancakes!’

So overnight I’ve had a good think about breakfasts.

I'm Not Going Food Shopping For the Next Four Weeks | Stay at Home Mum


Breakfast Ideas For When We Run Out of Cereal:


Easy Cheesy Muffins

Today’s Menu:


This morning we had English Muffins.  I don’t know how long they have been in the freezer and to tell the truth I was a bit afraid to ask (hubby made them for me) and I couldn’t remember the last time I bought them.  They were a bit… chewy… but with loads of vegemite and golden syrup, they weren’t bad – they hit the spot. Then they used up another thing I tend to collect in my freezer. Bread type stuff.  Bread rolls, those mini rolls you are meant to put in the oven for five minutes and have for dinner (and get forgotten in the deep dark depths of the freezer.)

The kids ate the rapidly declining cereal stock.  Who bought those Fruit Loops??? Hmmm HUSBAND!!!

School Lunches:

  • Sandwiches from the Homemade bread I made last night (I still have a few bread mixes left – when I start making it from scratch I’ll share my recipe).
  • Leftover Muesli Bars.
  • Watermelon cut up into bite sized pieces (because they are spoiled!)
  • Easy Cheesy Muffins
  • Frozen Grapes from the freezer (they haven’t been there that long!)

Grown Up Lunches:

I’m having pumpkin soup and a slice of my homemade bread for lunch.  Made the soup on the weekend.  I’m leaving hubby to fend for himself (evil laugh!).


I have picked some yellow zucchinis from my garden, so thought I’d make some Baked Zucchini Fries and serve them with some Sweet Chilli Pork Chops and some of the 27 bags of frozen vegetables. The only problem I find with baked Pork Chops is that if you have any left over the next day, they get kinda gross and chewy, so I only ever usually cook enough for the four of us.


Progress Report:

I  found that I don’t use anywhere near the amount of milk we usually do as a family when we don’t all have cereal – but milk stocks are getting low and I’ll probably need to get more soon! I’m out of eggs too – so time to take some of my veggie patch down to the neighbour for a swapsie!  Nothing like fresh chook eggs.

Mentally, I’m more excited about the progress so far then when I started – I really can’t wait to see if I can do this!

Please let me know how you are going – I’d love to publish some of your stories on how you are doing too!  So let me know!

See you all tomorrow!

xx Jody


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