Healthy Snacks For Kids

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Healthy Snacks For Kids

There is one thing all parents dread in the morning, and that’s packing their child’s lunch for pre-school or the day’s outing. Let’s face it, it’s not only expensive to buy lunch when you are out and about but it’s not always the best nutritional value either.

Healthy and nutritious food is always at the top of our minds, but sometimes we fear these foods will go off during the day, we fuss about the weather, where our child stores their food and how fresh their fruit will be by the time they get to chomp into it. We even pray their snack pack withstands the tossing, dropping and whatever else they do with it when playtime begins.

Then there are the family outings to the park, the long car ride to the grandparents house and the trip to the beach, where healthy snacks are essential to happy children (we have all been there when the “hangry” child screams from the backseat).

But fear not! We have found the snack pack that will throw all these worries in the bin – along with that leftover sandwich they refused to eat!


The essential Snack Pack from is the ‘go everywhere’ snack pack, with two separate compartments that seal separately, you’re able to serve different food that will stay fresh all day long. Great for crackers and dip, little sandwich shapes and berries, they are fab for all ages and stages, and are especially handy for lunches and snacks for those long car rides.

There is even a handy spoon that stows away in the lid, so yogurt and dips are not a problem, not to mention they are microwave safe, and BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

So, to help you get through the morning rush (panic) hour and out the door with your kids’ lunches packed full of nutritious, delicious and fresh food, and when you’re off for an outing and need to pack some handy snacks for the kiddies, we have put together a quick go-to guide.

This is a list of snack ideas that will keep you happy knowing that your precious munchkin is eating a healthy, nutritious lunch or snack, that is fresh, fresh, fresh!



Cut the low-fat cheese into cubes and add some rice crackers to the Snack Pack for a protein-rich snack that keeps energy levels high all day long. You can also add some Vegemite or avocado to the Snack Pack, if you’re child likes to be adventurous with their food.


Introduce some vitamin C to the Snack Pack with some fresh strawberries. This is the perfect snack when you’re short on time and looking for something tasty, you can even add some non-flavoured yogurt for something to dip the strawberries in.


Low-fat yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, and children love it! Add some muesli to the other side of the Snack Pack, and they can mix them together for some additional nutritional kick.


Made from pureed chickpeas, hummus is an excellent dip for kids. It has an appealing nutty flavor, is thick enough not to be messy, and contains folate, vitamin B6, and iron. Serve hummus with cut-up vegetables like carrot sticks or salt-free crackers for dipping, or use it to make a pita bread sandwich.

Snack Mix

Toss together a healthy combo of sultanas, pretzels, whole grain cereal, banana chips, nuts and popcorn for a handy, portable snack. Nuts contain must-have minerals such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, and are great go-to snack in the Snack Pack.

Healthy Baked Goods

Banana bread, zucchini muffins, and pumpkin slice are a few of our favourites for kids, especially because they are packed full of hidden fruit and vegetables, your child won’t even know! Keep them fresh and tasty in the Snack Pack for their lunch at school, or a day out at the park.

Top tips for a healthy lunch box

– Always include fresh fruit and vegetables.  Vary the selection to keep it interesting.

– Offer a variety of whole grain breads, rolls, pita bread and flat breads. Use a cookie cutter to make cute, fun shapes.

– Use avocado as a spread instead of butter or margarine.

– Use reduced fat dairy foods. Cheese and yogurt are ideal.

– Kids need a serve of protein at lunchtime. Ensure you include lean meat, chickpeas or tuna.



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