Stay at Home Mum’s Kids Party Section covers heaps of different birthday party themes and preparing for childs birthday party. We also have a very extensive birthday party food section under recipes.

Homemade Chocolate Yogo

Make Chocolate Custard at home!

Sand Cake - Seriously the Most Perfect of All Cakes

Please Note - Does Not Contain Actual Sand!

Slow Cooker Pizza Pull Apart


Clinker Slice

An Oldie but a Goodie!

Basic Cupcake Recipe

Let's keep it simple!

Banana Muffins

Great for school lunches!

How to Make Kid Friendly Pikelets

Like Pancakes, But Smaller!

Knockoff KFC Fried Chicken

We had a crack - and it's a pretty good Copy Cat Recipe!

Monte Carlo Cupcakes

Impress Your Friends!

How to Make Bubble Gum

Guest Post by Simple Cooking

Echidna Cupcakes

A treat for your little Aussies!

Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls For 30c EACH!

Perfect for school lunches or a warmed snack!

15 Simple Tips For Kids’ Birthday Parties On A Budget

Happy Birthday And Happy Bank Day

Pizza Crackers

Takes two seconds to make!

How to Make Mock Cream

Great for Birthday Cakes

How to Make Custard From Scratch

Thick, delicious, vanilla-ry custard!! Hmmmmmm

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Great for kids birthday parties!

Pink Strawberry Lamingtons

Spread Some Love With These