Stay at Home Mum’s Kids Party Section covers heaps of different birthday party themes and preparing for childs birthday party. We also have a very extensive birthday party food section under recipes.

Gourmet Pizza Dough Recipe

Easy to make at home!

Healthy Watermelon Birthday Cake

A healthy cake alternative!

Slow Cooker Pizza Pull Apart


Unicorn Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

Rich Buttery Bites with a shocking pink icing

How to Make An Amazing Zucchini Slice

Delicious slice for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner!

How to Make Bubble Gum

Guest Post by Simple Cooking

15 Simple Tips For Kids’ Birthday Parties On A Budget

Happy Birthday And Happy Bank Day

Sausages in Pastry

For the nights you want something super simple!

Easy Pikelets Recipe

Like Pancakes, But Smaller!

Traditional Weetbix Slice Just Like Nanna Used to Make!

The original recipe!

Strawberry and Yogurt Icies

Perfect for when strawberries are in season

Ideas for Kids Lolly Free Party Bags

No Lollies, but Lots of Fun

Pink Strawberry Lamingtons

Spread Some Love With These

Rice Bubble Bars

3 Homemade Ice Blocks Recipes

Ham and Pineapple Pinwheels

Great for school lunches!

80 Best-Selling Foods You Can Sell at Fetes and Fairs

Some products just sell better than others.....

55 of Our Favourite Kids' Party Foods

Some traditional and non-traditional foods for kids parties!