List of Food Subscription Boxes Available in Australia 2021

List of Food Subscription Boxes Available in Australia 2021

List of Food Subscription Boxes Available in Australia 2020


Hello Fresh Box

Screenshot 2017 01 01 09.26.52 | Stay at Home
Image Source: A Year of Boxes

This subscription offers three different plans namely: the classic, family and the Veggie Plan. You can also curate the number of veggies by telling them the no. people you have in your family!

  • Delivery:
  • Cost:
    • For the Classic Plan $11.66/Serving
    • For the Family Plan: $9.16/serving
    • For the Veggie Plan: $11.65/serving

Thomas Farm Kitchen Box

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Image Source: Thomas Farms Kitchen

At Thomas Farms Kitchen (TFK), we reconnect you with the joy of cooking, with our chef-created meal box service.

You can choose your plan by submitting information about the number of people you have in your household to their website!

Delivery: Every Monday of the week

Cost: Price starts at $69.90 to $151.90

Eat Fit Foods

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Image Source: Eat Fit Food Facebook Page

Eat Fit foods provides nourishing wholefoods in their food meals. Designed by their nutritionists and created by their leading chefs, Eat fit foods helps you in your journey to be healthy! You can pick your lifestyle plan, lunch & dinner, brekkie, lunch, dinner & snack, or the Ala Carte Menu!

Delivery: Every Friday

Cost: Price starts at $39 to $59 per eating day

Club Saucy

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Image Source: Club Saucy FB Page
The perfect gift for any occasion and almost anyone! Three delicious hand-picked condiments in each ‘box’ delivered bi-monthlya way to bring more excitement into your meals? Food subscription boxes are a great way to introduce you to new foods and flavours, and our spice subscription boxes are no exception!
  • Delivery: Every two months, cancel anytime, no commitments
  • Cost: $49.50

Cocoa Box

Sign-up get ready to be surprised each and every month with a delicious selection of dark, milk & white craft chocolate!

Monthly subscription cocoa | Stay at Home

Down Under Box

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Image Source: Down Under the box
A personalised box of Aussie treats perfect for anyone missing home. Build your own box, choosing from Aussie classics like Vegemite, Tim Tam’s and more! There are many sizes and types you can choose from!
  • Delivery: One-time delivery
  • Cost: Price starts at $50 to $90

Foodies Collective Discovery Box

foodies collective australian gourmet food | Stay at Home
Image Source: Foodies Collective

“Supporting the movers, shakers & Australian food makers”

Discovery Box Think of it as a gourmet farmers’ market in a box. We search the country for the most talented food makers & bring their products to your door.
  • Delivery: Every two months
  • Cost: $69.00

Goodness Me Box

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Image Source: Goodness Me Box

Goodness Me Box provides latest healthy snacks that are Non-GMO at the same time. It contains 7-10 products and a healthy recipe curated by their by their health practitioners based on the health profile you’ll submit.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $25.00 per box

Marsh Mallow Club

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Image Source: Marshmallow Club
Marshmallow Club is by marshmallow lovers, for marshmallow lovers. The box contains 15 handmade marshmallows with new flavours to be delivered to your door!
  • Delivery: Monthly, every middle of the month
  • Cost: $30.00/box

Earthbox Vegan Box

jan | Stay at Home
Image Source: The Vegan Box
A monthly box of the best cruelty free/vegan products, handpicked from businesses that care for earthlings – just like you. There are two types of boxes you can choose from: For snacking and pampering!
  • Delivery:
    • For Snacking- Monthly
    • For Pampering- Bi-Monthly
  • Cost:
    • For Snacking- $26.95/box
    • For Pampering- $49.95/box

Vegan Cuts

vegan cuts snack box spoilers | Stay at Home
Image Source: Subscription Box

Vegan Cuts has three types of subscription boxes. From Food, beauty and makeup! They also ship worldwide and has a free shipping to United States!

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Price starts at $22.95 per month

The Cruelty-Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box Monthly Subscription

VMB thumbnail3 74e101e4 a203 4c59 b75e fe58c055eec1 | Stay at Home
Image Source: Cruelty-free

The Vegan Mystery Box is crammed full of vegan snacks, food, treats, pantry essentials and personal & household products. Each month you’ll receive 8-10 exciting, all vegan, all cruelty-free products to try.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $34.95/month

The Chocolate Box

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Image Source: Chocolate Box

Providing artisan chocolate delivery to Melbourne and Sydney since 1958. Chocolate hampers and gift baskets available online.

  • Delivery: One time
  • Cost: Price starts at $20.00 to $45.00

Bean Bar You Box

beanbaryou subscription | Stay at Home
Image source: Bean Bar You

Each month you will receive 4 full-sized bean-to-bar chocolates. All the boxes include one chocolate from an Australian maker. There are four types of subscription you can choose from Mixed, Vegan, Max-Milk, and Dark

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $44.95 on the 20th of every month

Beanhunter Coffee Subscription

beanstalking | Stay at Home

Join our club of coffee lovers with our coffee subscription. A new speciality coffee from the best roasters delivered every two weeks to your mailbox.
The Bean Hunter Coffee Subscription provides you with unique coffee from around the world. You can customise your subscription plan with either espresso or filter machine process, the frequency of delivery and the no. of grams you want to avail every delivery
  • Delivery: Customize: Every two weeks or 4 weeks
  • Costs: Price starts at 19.5 to 49.5

Rumble Coffee Roasters Subscription Box

IMG 2618 | Stay at Home
Image source: RumbleCoffee

Coffee from one of Melbourne’s premier coffee roasters is now being delivered across Australia.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Price Starts at $66/month

Three Thousand Thieves Coffee Subscription

3TT | Stay at Home
Image Source: ThreethousandThieves

A new Australian artisan coffee roaster delivered every 30 days to your mailbox

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $25/250 g

Tea Garden

400px box 6 | Stay at Home
Image Source: teagarden

Join sippers all over the country, sign up to our subscription and gain access to the most delicious tea in the world, straight to your door.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $29.95

The Rabbit Hole Tea Subscriptions

Subscription | Stay at Home
Image Source: Rabbit Hole
The perfect gift for the tea lover in your life or a handy way to make sure you never run out. We’ll send you a specially selected pack (50 serves) to enjoy eve.
This subscription box provides you with an organic tea with two types of plans: blended and pure. The blended contains floral, Fruity, Zesty, Spicy and Creamy flavours with a specially selected tea each month. Pure contains only the leaves
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Blended- $145 every 6 months. Pure- $125 every 6 months

Tease with Tea

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Image Source: Teasewithtea

Tease with Tea provides you with gourmet tea around the world to be delivered to your door. Each box includes 3 premium teas, steeping guide enough for 38 cups, a bite-sized surprise & an inspiring note There are two kinds of plans: Forever Curated Tease Box and Tease Box.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Forever Curated: $50/month, Tease Box: $28/month

Honest Tea

Australia’s first subscription box for tea lovers like you! There three subscription levels and each pack with 30 cups.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Premium Exotic- $39.95, Deluxe Exotic- $59.95, Rarest Tea Gardens- $99.95

Tea Blossoms

Du2HvKgW4AEMXhg | Stay at Home
Image Source: Tea Blossoms twitter account

With tea blossoms, you choose any high-quality tea to be delivered to your home!

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Costs: Price starts at $15.00

Neo Tealicious Tea Box

brahmi memory tea ml | Stay at Home
Image Source: Neotealicious Tea Box

Neo’s Tealicious Tea Box Subscription is perfect for a Tea Lover who enjoys tastings of various types of teas ranging from the Traditional Teas to Zesty Infusions and Summery Tisanes.

This subscription provides you with 30 packs of tea for 30 days. You can choose your payment plan, every 6 months or 12

  • Delivery: Monthly!
  • Cost: $30/month

The Local Drop: Premium Wine Subscription Box

premium 6 wine | Stay at Home
Image source: Local Drop

Do you love fine wine, or know someone who does? The Local Drop is a premium wine delivery club, that delivers interesting and thoughtfully made wine. This box contains 6 bottles, red, white or mixed.

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $175/month

Hops 2 Home – Fresh Can Craft Beer Box

Hops to Home supplied 1 6f10 1 | Stay at Home
Image source: The Crafty Print

Hops to Home believes fresh craft beer tastes better. Get brewery fresh craft beer cans delivered to your door monthly.

There are two options for you to choose from.the 10 can pack and 20 can pack. Both plans has 5 different types of beer

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $6.95/can for 10 packs, $6.25/can for 5 packs

Secret Bottle Subscription Box

Secret Bottle Wine Pack Red 1 | Stay at Home
Image source: Secret Bottle Wine

Each month we select six different wines from over 100 Australian wine regions and bring you a taste of the bbest-hiddenboutique gems.

There are 3 types of Clubs you can choose from: White Wine, Red Whine, and Red and White Wine Club

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: Starts at $19/month

Whiskey Loot Box

kyandkey preview | Stay at Home
Image Source: Subscription box

Get access to delicious premium whisky from around the world each month. Receive 3 x 60mL premium whiskys to taste plus expert tasting notes, and your own tasting journal!

  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $59

Beer Cartel

expert new | Stay at Home
Image Source: Beer Club Subscription

This subscription box is curated from a selection of Pale Ales to Stouts and even more! You can choose the type of subscription you want and the delivery time

  • Delivery: Monthly or every three months
  • Cost:  Price starts at $35.00

Bucket Boys

web picture template large | Stay at Home
Image Source: Bucket Boys

Bucket boys bring great brands from all over Australia and the world to you! Their signature beer box subscription has 18 unique beers that are hand selected by certified Cicerone! There are also other types of subscription you can choose from! Plus its free shipping!

  • Delivery: Every Month
  • Cost: Price starts at $89


| Stay at Home
Image source: Bucket boys

With their vineyard from Adelaide, this subscription box will provide you with 6-12 types of wines depending on your subscription plan!

Delivery: You can choose from 1-6 month frequency

Cost: Price starts at $175.00

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