50 Cheap Breakfast Ideas

50 Cheap Breakfast Ideas

Cheap as Chips Breakfast Ideas that kick-start your metabolism and get you going in the morning. 

Are you ready to take notes? Alrighty then! Here are some super cheap as chips breakfast ideas that are still yummy, filling and delicious!

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1.  Porridge

Not the little-flavoured packets – they cost a fortune and are full of things your body just doesn’t need – I’m talking about the big unflavoured flakes that take a while to cook on the stove.  Do you know it only takes four minutes to cook two serves in the microwave?  Best of all – it is so cheap.

I picked up a large box of Uncle Toby’s Traditional Oats at IGA for $4.50.  I like using oats in cooking, it’s great to place them in the bottom of some pantyhose in the kids’ bath if they have a skin complaint – it’s great mixed with a bit of water as a facemask – so many uses – and so good for you! If you can get porridge on sale it can cost you as little as 13 cents per serve!!!

Check out these recipes to spice up your porridge adventure!

Cinnamon Semolina PorridgeCinnamon Semolina Porridge
Both spicy and sweet, if you are a fan of porridge, you are going to love this version!
Warming Chai PorridgeWarming Chai Porridge
Chai isn’t just a delicious hot drink – it is a fantastic flavour for porridge too!
Perfect Microwave PorridgeHow to Make Perfect Porridge in the Microwave
Don’t make porridge in the saucepan! You can make it just as good in the microwave in only a few minutes!
Slow Cooker PorridgeSlow Cooker Porridge
If you are making a large amount of porridge – make it in the slow cooker!
50 Cheap Breakfast Ideas

2.  Crumpets and Toast

OMG!!! I love homemade crumpets they are so deliciously moreish. This is more of a Sunday morning thing to make because it does take time but the results will be highly worthwhile!  Best of all, it is cheap to make with simple ingredients. Click here for my recipe!

Homemade Crumpets can be served traditionally with slatherings of butter and jam – or enjoyed as a savoury snack – topped with baked beans and cheese!

Homemade CrumpetsTraditional Homemade Crumpets
Making them at home is not only more faster and less complicated than buying them, but they also taste much better.
French Raisin ToastFrench Raisin Toast
French Raisin Toast is a great way to jazz up your breakfast without getting every pot and pan out of the kitchen!
5 Minute French Toast5 Minute French Toast
This recipe can use slightly stale (not mouldy) bread – so it is a good way to use up a loaf that has been sitting around for a day or two.
Baked Ham, Cheese and Egg Toast CupsBaked Ham, Cheese and Egg Toast Cups
Ham and cheese with eggs and toast – a delicious brekky baked in a muffin tin!
Gooey Chocolate and Banana French ToastGooey Chocolate and Banana French Toast
When you need more warmth in your tummy during the harsh mornings, try this Gooey Chocolate and Banana French Toast recipe!
French Toast RollsFrench Toast Rolls
Here’s another must fry – I mean must try…I’m talking about these French Toast Rolls that go so so well with strawberries.
Banana on Toast BreakfastBanana on Toast Breakfast
Refuel with this Banana on Toast recipe – a delicious post-workout energy boost. Australian Bananas are packed with Potassium, folate and vitamin B6, essential for fit bodies, making them the perfect topping on your choice of bread.
Banana and Honey Toast
This may be something you would serve your kids, but we’re all big kids at heart, Banana and Honey Toast is a great quick snack or lunch for those busy days.
50 Cheap Breakfast Ideas

Traditional Homemade Crumpets

How to Make Homemade Crumpets | Stay at Home Mum
Cheap Breakfast Ideas

3.  Fruit Smoothies

Get out your blender – even the kids will love this one!  Put 1/2 cup of your favourite fruit in the blender (bananas, when they aren’t so expensive, are great, but you can try peaches, apricots or some frozen berries if they are cheap enough) – 1/2 cup of yogurt (plain or flavoured), a cup of skim milk, an ice cube or two – and off you go. 

It’s yummy and good for you! Not just for breakfast either!

Plan out a variety of smoothies as cheap breakfast ideas for the whole week and try these babies out!

There are also Protein Shakes or Weight Loss Shakes that are easy to put together on the run and they contain everything your body needs.

Banana and Oats SmoothieBanana and Oat Smoothie
Delicious and filling Smoothie. This smoothie is also good frozen as an ice block!
Chocolate and Banana Boobie SmoothieChocolate and Banana Boobie Smoothie
Breastfeeding? You need a good nutritious breakfast. If you need one on the go – this is for you!
Cherry Ripe SmoothieCherry Ripe Smoothie
This is just delicious! If frozen cherries are on sale – buy up big!
Keto Strawberry SmoothieKeto Strawberry Smoothie
Doing Keto? No worries – we still have you covered. We use Almond Milk in this recipe and add Avocado for fat.
Weetbix SmoothieWeetbix Smoothie
The perfect blend of Smoothie and Breakfast all in one!
Banana Almond SmoothieBanana Almond Smoothie
Fruit and delicious – and has a very surprising ingredient you may not see coming!
Keto Avocado SmoothieKeto Avocado Smoothie
A delicious mixture of Avocado, Almond Milk, Vanilla and Almond Milk.
Strawberry Delight SmoothieStrawberry Delight Smoothie
If strawberries are in season and are cheap and plentiful – use fresh strawberries – otherwise grab a bag of frozen strawberries.
Mango, Oaty, Coconutty Smoothie!Mango, Oaty, Coconutty Smoothie
Only three simple ingredients!
Dragonfruit, Strawberry and Mango Yoghurt SmoothieDragonfruit, Strawberry and Mango Yoghurt Smoothie
Dragonfruit is very pretty and mild flavoured.
Super Green Summer Breakfast SmoothieSuper Green Summer Breakfast Smoothie
Green is good!
Cheap Breakfast Ideas

4.  Homemade Bulk Muffins

Muffins are terrific – I make them all the time at home.  If I have any fruit that is starting to look manky or some leftover veggies, they all get incorporated into muffins and frozen for a quick breakfast or even to pop into school lunches!

Bulk Savoury Muffins that Work Out to 17c EachBulk Savoury Muffins That Work out to 17c Each
So cheap – and muffins are a great breakfast idea!
Ham and Vegetable MuffinsSavoury Ham and Vegetable Muffins
Use triple-smoked ham for these – the flavour just goes all the way through – delish!
Easy Cheesy Muffins | Stay at Home Mum3-Ingredient Easy Cheesy Muffins
Just three simple ingredients!
Banana Muffins (Dairy Free)Dairy-Free Banana Muffins
These freeze really well – so make huge batches and grab one on the go!
Healthy Sour Cream Blueberry MuffinsHealthy Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins
Sour Cream gives these muffins a slight tart flavour which really works with the sweetness of the blueberries.
Cheap Breakfast Ideas

5. Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt is both cheap and delicious – and you can turn plain yoghurt into so many recipes!   Here are just a few cheap as chips ideas!

Frozen Yoghurt BitesFrozen Yoghurt Bites
These are great in Summer – and also a great recipe for a healthy after school snack!
Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt BarkStrawberry Frozen Yoghurt Bark
Another delicious frozen yoghurt treat – healthy and delicious!
Easy Greek Yoghurt FlatbreadEasy Greek Yoghurt Flatbread
With just Greek Yoghurt and some flour – you can make delicious flatbreads that are delicious for a cheap breakfast!
Homemade YoghurtHomemade Yoghurt
Sure – you can easily go buy yoghurt – but if your family eat a whole load of it – why not make it in bulk yourself at home!
Cheap Breakfast Ideas
Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt Bark | Stay at Home Mum
Cheap Breakfast Ideas

 Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt Bark – One of the Many Cheap and Chips Breakfast Ideas!

6. Hot and Cheap Breakfast Ideas

Creamed Corn and Ham Toasted WrapsCreamed Corn and Ham Toasted Wraps
Keep the kids happy by filling their lunchboxes with these tasty and simple creamed corn and ham toasted wraps. The quantity below will make four wraps.

You can wrap them in clingwrap to add to the lunchbox for that day and save the leftovers for yourself.  
Sweet Potato Vegan Wraps (with only 2 main ingredients!)Sweet Potato Vegan Wraps
Let me just tell you how I thought of making these Sweet Potato Vegan Wraps.
Sweet Potato and Lentil Sausage RollsSweet Potato and Lentil Sausage Rolls
This delectable meatless Sweet Potato & Lentil Sausage Roll is one of the most sumptuous dishes we’ve ever had.

Replace the egg with a spoonful of coconut oil and leave off the cheese!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is honey.jpgHoney Baked Chicken Pieces
This tasty and straightforward Honey Baked Chicken Pieces meal is perfect for the whole family!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mushroom-Chicken-Crepes.jpgMushroom Chicken Crepes
Crepes are most thought of as a snack or dessert, but these Mushroom Chicken Crepes will completely change your mind.

Crepes, it turns out, are the ideal savoury meal, and this exact recipe is creamy and tasty to the extreme!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is feat-5.jpgHomemade Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls
Sausage rolls are usually a favourite with the SAHM kids, but we like to change things up with this Homemade Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls.

They’re savoury and packed with protein, but with a tangy edge that we adore.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mini-Quiches1.jpgMushroom and Bacon Mini Quiches
This Mushroom and Bacon Mini Quiche is a delicious breakfast or lunch snack that the whole family will enjoy.  This dish is versatile and delicious in a variety of ways!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pancake-11-e1431061068225.jpgCabbage Pancakes
Cabbage Pancakes are so delicious that your kids won’t even realise they’re veggies. And they’re delicious, so it’s a win-win!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is broccoli-and-garlic-quesadillas.jpgBroccoli and Garlic Quesadillas
We usually strive to eat appropriately on a daily, but it’s a challenge! So we attempt to think of new and exciting ways to eat our meals that are both healthy and enjoyable.

This Broccoli and Garlic Quesadillas is an excellent choice!
Cheap Breakfast Ideas

7. Pancakes and Waffles

Easy Buttermilk WafflesEasy Buttermilk Waffles
Waffles are a fun way to enjoy a hot breakfast – and they are something just a bit different from pancakes – plus you can freeze them!
Paleo Banana WafflesPaleo Banana Waffles
I do adore Banana Pancakes and Banana Muffins and all things waffle.  Using very ripe bananas will give the waffles a lovely sweetness (no sugar in this recipe!).

This recipe is best made fresh to order!
Bugs Bunny Crunchy PancakesBugs Bunny Crunchy Pancakes
I love how this Bugs Bunny Crunchy Pancakes recipe is easily my go-to when I have carrots and it’s about to go bad.
The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip PancakesThe Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes
There’s basically nothing better than waking up in the morning and whipping up a batch of pancakes, particularly if you’re all alone and the pancakes in question are these Chocolate Chip Pancakes!
Christmas Morning Chocolate Mint PancakesChristmas Morning Chocolate Mint Pancakes
Christmas is a time for indulgences, and our eyes there’s no better way to start those indulgences than with these Christmas Morning Chocolate Mint Pancakes.
Lemon Ricotta PancakesLemon Ricotta Pancakes
If you’ve never added ricotta cheese to your pancakes before, then these Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are going to absolutely blow your mind.
3-Ingredient Potato Pancakes3-Ingredient Potato Pancakes
Pancakes are a favourite among kids. But this 3-Ingredient Potato Pancakes recipe is definitely a winner!
Cinnamon Scroll PancakesCinnamon Scroll Pancakes
I just adore cinnamon scrolls, but I never have the time to make them. So that’s when we came up with this clever cheat version… Cinnamon Scroll Pancakes.
Spring Onion PancakesSpring Onion Pancakes
Spring Onion Pancakes are really simple to make. It’s perfect for yummy snacks and dinner on hump days! This one is also ideal for those who are watching their sugar intake.
Fluffy Souffle PancakesFluffy Souffle Pancakes
Pancakes would have to be one of my very favourite foods.  But these babies are clouds of fluffy pancake that look fancy but are incredibly simple to make.

They are so light and fluffy they nearly dissolve on your palette!
Cheap Breakfast Ideas

Choose one of the recipes above and start your day right! Not only will your tummy be full, but also your wallet too!

What are your suggestions for Cheap Breakfast Ideas that taste great?

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