Mini Beef Salads with Dill Mayo


Servings 6
Time Needed Prep
Ingredients 9
Difficulty Easy

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  • 1 Piece Of Really Good Quality Steak
  • 1 Salt And Pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 Small Thin Baguette
  • 1 Few Sprigs Thyme
  • 6 Spring Onions, Sliced On The Angle
  • 1 Handful Continental Parsley
  • 1/4 Cup Good Quality Whole Egg Mayonnaise
  • 1 Handful Dill, Fronds Removed

Nutrition Information

Qty per
56g serve
Qty per
Energy 105.95kcalcal 189.25275379577kcalcal
Protein 3.1683333333333gg 5.6594224471569gg
Fat (total) 5.7925gg 10.346829413516gg
 - saturated 2.0125gg 3.5948198868711gg
Carbohydrate 10.814166666667gg 19.316760940756gg
 - sugars 1.2858333333333gg 2.2968145281334gg
Dietary Fibre 1.4483333333333gg 2.5870794879428gg
Sodium 134.69333333333mgmg 240.59541530217mgmg

Please Note - Nutritional information is provided as a guide only and may not be accurate.

Mini Beef Salads with Dill Mayo

Whether you are holding a spring racing swing-dig at your house, headed out for a picnic or hosting a high tea, this little beef salad will have everyone swooning!


  1. Make the croutons first. Preheat oven to 100 degrees.

  2. Thinly slice the baguette, spay with a little olive oil and add a few thyme leaves and a small sprinkle of sea salt to each one and bake until they dry out for about 10 mins.

  3. Meanwhile, heat a frypan or grill pan over high heat.

  4. Rub steak in olive and season with salt and pepper; fry for until cooked to your liking. But try not to crucify it! The juices add great extra flavour.

  5. Cover and leave to rest while you assemble the salad and dressing.

  6. Place a crouton, parsley, spring onion, slice of beef and a small dollop of dill mayo dressing in each cup.

  7. Slice the steak and thinly on the angle and place a piece in each cup.

  8. Combine mayo and dill in a bowl and add a dollop to the salad cups.

Mini Beef Salads with Dill Mayo | Stay At Home Mum

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