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Macro Gluten Free Crumpet Mix | Stay at Home Mum

My husband is very sensitive to gluten so I have been introducing a lot of Macro’s range of food into the household as it really agrees with him.  This week I purchased the Macro Gluten Free Crumpet Mix from Woolworths to try (as it was on sale for $3.49 woot woot).

Product Instructions:

I feared as crumpets contained yeast that I would have to do the yeast thing and let it sit, then the flour thing, then let it rise…. But NOOOOOO…. It’s literally adding the water and yeast together and throwing in the flour, then letting it sit – so you get to miss that whole step because I’m busy heating up the frypan whilst the yeast is doing it’s ‘thang’…

Super easy – even for a beginner cook!


I made five crumpets at a time (because I only had five egg rings) – MAKE SURE YOU GREASE YOUR EGG RINGS.  The batter is seriously sticky.  You half fill the egg rings (instructions say to 3/4 fill it but I like my crumpets crunchier than usual) and pop on the lid.  They don’t take long at all!

I do however wish that they had crumpet sized egg rings because standard egg rings are a lot smaller than standard sized shop bought crumpets – so your forced to eat more lol (see size section below).

Taste & Texture:

They are delicious!  Divine in fact.  They are both yeasty and salty and with a dollop of butter and golden syrup, they were a delight.  My husband must of eaten ten of them on his own – and demanded I buy another box.  My children enjoyed them (crunchy pancakes they called them).  We had them piping hot right from the pan, ever so slightly toasted.  The few that I had leftover I placed on a plate covered in plastic wrap and grabbed a few during the day.  I must admit they go a bit yuck once they are cold and they don’t store well.  So must be eaten fresh!

They certainly do not have that ‘gluten free’ taste that some gluten free products have (ick).  In fact they are just a totally delish version of standard crumpets – but butter. Especially with butter.

Macro Gluten Free Crumpet Mix Product Review | Stay at Home MumSize:

The box is 410 grams and using an egg ring for each – I made a whopping 25 crumpets!  Albeit I didn’t fill them to the top so that they cooked quickly.  They easily fed a hungry family of four (two adults and a 4 and 5yo) with leftovers!


I have already bought another box – and will continue to have one in the cupboard.  As the rest of my family aren’t gluten intolerant I loath to buy all the gluten free flours etc and instead prefer to keep a box or two of this sort of product in the cupboad for when hubby has a hankering.  Now we can all enjoy this treat regularly.


Stay at Home Mum was NOT paid for this product review.  The product was paid for with my own funds and I received no financial compensation or gifts in exchange.  All opinions are my own.

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