Musical Owl Birthday Cake

Musical Owl Birthday Cake

Lots of little kids love owls and music, so we thought we would show you how to make a Birthday cake with a dual theme!



  1. Cut the top 10 cm off the sponge and cut the owl shape out. You will just be trimming the sides to shape the body and head.

  2. Ice cake top of cake then sides using a blunt knife. Have a hot glass of water to scrap knife into, this will keep your icing smooth.

  3. Now spoon 1/2 tablespoon of white icing for each eye then place a smartie in the center. Cut one white choc bud into a point as place just below the eyes in the center as the nose.

  4. Cut 6 thin strips of licorice with 2 slightly shorter, these will be the eyelashes. Place a long then short then long piece of licorice on the corner of each eye, now dust with glitter.

  5. Place kit kats in a row under nose, spanning from one side of the owl's body to the other. Place small cut pieces of licorice to resemble the black keys on the white piano keys.

  6. Now place 2 white choc buds in the center below the piano keys to resemble feathers and continue the pattern down to base of owl. Place smarties in a similar feather pattern to resemble wings, see picture to follow.

Recipe Hints and Tips:

  • Musical Owl Birthday Cake is not suitable for freezing is best served the day it is made or the following day.
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