The Best School Lunch Boxes Trending in 2020

The Best School Lunch Boxes Trending in 2020

School Lunch Boxes Trending in 2020

It is back to school time (hooray) and that means ensuring we have all the school supplies ready to go.  I buy my boys a new lunch box nearly every year now as they do get a lot of use and by the end of the year they are usually a bit tired, leaky and stinky (damn you bananas).

Whether your little one is starting kindy, at pre-school or high-school, they are going to need a school lunch box that suits their needs.  Take into account the school’s rules for packaging (zero waste lunch boxes), and your preference for plastic or eco-friendly – there is a perfect lunch box out there for your child.

What to Look For in a Good School Lunch Box?

In an ideal world, a school lunch box should be:

  • BPA Free.  You don’t want to leech toxic chemicals from the plastic in the lunch box to transfer to the food.
  • Be large enough for your child’s appetite.
  • Will keep the cold bits cold and the hot bits hot.
  • Is easy to clean.  You don’t want tiny crevices to scrub with a toothbrush every night, you want something that you can swish a bit of hot water in and it is clean and shiny.
  • Dishwasher safe.  Why clean a lunchbox at all when you have one you can pop into the top drawer of your dishwasher!
  • Waste Free.  Has sealed compartments that allow you to add food without using plastic wrap.
  • A decent seal so they don’t leak.  If you have ever cleaned a school bag that has been leaked into – you know this is an important factor when choosing a school lunch box.

The Best Lunch Box for Pre-School:

1. Monbento MB Tresor

  • Available in three colours, apple, iceberg and litchi
  • RRP: $39.95

These are adorable school lunch boxes, perfect for kindergarten and daycare kids who need a zero-waste lunch box.  The  Monbento MB Tresor is a compact bento box but cleverly designed to contain a variety of different foods without requiring any plastic wrap.  The Monbento MB has three separate compartments that provide enough room for a good-sized lunch plus additional snacks.

Each Monbento MB Tresor contains:

  • 1 x 500ml bottom container
  • 1 intermediary lid for the bottom container
  • 2 x 150ml food cups with clear lids
  • 1 top lid with sidelocks
  • 1 silicone seal
  • 5 interchangeable decorative image tokens

Official Stockist>

Monbento MB Tresor Lunch Box Apple | Stay at Home Mum

Monbento MB Tresor Iceberg | Stay at Home Mum

Monbento MB Tresor Litchi | Stay at Home Mum


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School Lunch Boxes Trending in 2020 | Stay at Home

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