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Slow Cooker Recipes — Hold The TomatoesWhat other options are staples in your house?

3. Curry

A simple way to avoid a tomato-based meal is to use a flavour-packed curry paste as a starter, mixed with yoghurt, to marinate the meat before cooking in spice-infused coconut cream. Try korma, a yellow red or green curry, Balti, Penang, spinach-flavoured saag, Madras, rogan josh, rendang, massaman… you get the idea.

4. French influenced

via www.budgetbytes.com
via www.budgetbytes.com

A simple rule of thumb is to look to a food culture that isn’t focused on tomatoes. French cuisine in particular is perfect for the slow cooker – elegant flavours that develop well with slow cooking, over delicious meats. Try chicken with white wine, mushrooms and herbs such as tarragon, bay leaves or thyme. Beef marries well with rosemary, pepper and capers.

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