13 Hilarious Answers To The Funniest Questions In Ask SAHM This Month

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13 Hilarious Answers To The Funniest Questions In Ask SAHM This Month

So, we’ve come to the end of the month again and this month’s answers to some Ask SAHM questions will make you LOL!

Out of the hundreds of questions we, at Stay at Home Mum, receive each month, in our Ask SAHM page, we’ve got two questions this month that our Askers definitely enjoyed answering…and their answers made us laugh our heads off.

Here’s one:

“What’s the funniest and most hilarious WiFi name you’ve read or seen?”

1. Bet you’re singing this one now.

Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi

giphy 4 | Stay at Home

2. Never. Ever

Current neighbours.. Don’t be a scab. Haha

3. Don’t tell your “wi-fi”.

Mine used to be ‘imcheatingonmywifi’ now its ‘tellmywifiloveher’

4. Guys too just wanna have fun!

When I was 18 I lived in an apartment block and there was a groups of young guys in their 20’s who would always change their wifi name. The best ones I remember are:




giphy 1 1 | Stay at Home

5. You still have the right to remain silent though…

FBI security van

6. Now, we’re talkin’…

My god..these are all so tame, lol! There’s one in my area called…and I shit you not.. “Pissflaps” Classy, aye?

Now if that’s not enough to crack you up, we bet you this one will do!

“Have you ever farted during a massage or at another inconvenient time? Lol”

7. Poor Gyno

Pap smear. Ive never been so fu****g traumatised before Hahaha


8. Boom!

Was in Kmart down one of the back isles and thought it would come out quietly. Nope, it ripped out like a trumpet.

9. “So just relax and…oops sorry.”

Nope… but the massage therapist did!! She just brushed it off and opened the door to let fresh air in lol

10. Didn’t see (or smell) that one “coming”…lol!

Whilst receiving head. Thought I could sneak it out. I was wrong

11. “Don’t worry, honey…sh*t happens.”

Jumped on my partner’s lap to fk him and farted. But we laughed it off and kept going. He brings it up every now and then as a joke now though


12. This is hilarious!

At the gym when its quiet after a class and everyone is bending over to stretch

13. Ooohhh that’s nasty!

Right after an orgasm. I wanted to die! Lol

giphy 2 1 | Stay at Home

Sure these got us laughing this month. How about you? Do you have any funny, interesting, crazy, or just any question that you have in mind? Just click here to visit our Ask SAHM page. Ask away!

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