15 Crazy Places People Admit To Have Had Sex Other Than The Bedroom

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  • 15 Crazy Places People Admit To Have Had Sex Other Than The Bedroom

For those who think that sex should just be inside the bedroom, well, surprise, surprise — it isn’t — because to some, sex is an adventure!

While it is the most common place for making out, having sex in the bedroom for some people is boring and too conventional. So the cheeky ones try to take love-making up a notch, and get frisky in other areas in and outside the house (even in the ocean and rivers) and go all the way in the riskiest places in the planet.

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One person braved to ask our other members on Ask SAHM:

“Where have you had sex other than a bedroom? How old were you, and would you do it again?”

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The Asker starting off the thread with this story:

“I recently remembered having sex on a picnic table with a boyfriend when I was 20. We were both fully clothed. It was day time and there were leafy trees all around. We did it slowly with me sitting on the edge of the table. Not long after we started, an old couple walked past and smiled at us. I am sure they knew what we were up to. I’m 42 now and while it is a fond memory I would never do that now!!”

Other forum members dived in and their answers were explosive! Here are 15 crazy places people admit to have had sex other than the bedroom. Enjoy reading!

15. At the park

“On a park bench in a park on the Main Street in Wagga. The park just near the bridge. It was who knows what hour in the night. There were people walking past who would have seen but we didn’t care. Young and dumb I guess as I would never do it now.”

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14. An oval

“Cricket pitch in the middle of an oval.”

13. In the car

“50. In the back seat of a car”

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12. In the car lounge…

“On an oval in the dark with a group of people sitting nearby

Car Lounge

So not that adventurous but kids.”

11. Anywhere, but the beach…

“- In a park at night time

– on the picnic table and against a light pole (the light was broken). In the car on top of a mountain at like 4am.

– On the couch in his parents shed/man cave.

– Underneath our house

– in the open areas underneath our old Queenslander house.

– On a mattress on the tray of a ute

– On the internal stairs of my old apartment

– On the kitchen bench

– On a computer desk

– At the beach (do not recommend)”

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10. Under a bright moonlit night

“Car in car parks (parks, church, restaurant)

Work (office, meeting room, hall)

Picnic chair/table at one of the rest bays on the side of the road on a bright moon lit night”

9. In the backyard…

“In a park

Backyard on an outdoor chair

Beach (at night, no one around – my favourite)

Up against a retaining wall in a secluded public area”

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8. In a public bathroom…

“Public bathroom

Car (inside and out)

Motel pool

Motel balcony

Work bench

Beach (at night)”

7. On the rocks…

“On the rocks at the beach

In the car

In the bush

In the driveway

In a river

In the surf

On the beach

In the bathroom of a club

I’m sure there’s more but that’s off the top of my head”



6. A change room

“Most risky was probably a target change room last year.”

5. Anywhere as long as there are no kids.

“Just last week, I was having sex on one of those lookout things that hang over the ocean. Something amazingly thrilling about it and it’s kind of our tradition to do it everytime we go to the beach. I’ve given blowjobs and hand jobs while driving, we’ve pulled over on back roads and gone for it over the bonnet of the car, basically anywhere we have time to ourselves and no kids lol”

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4. On a plane…

“So so many places, on the bonnet of the car in various places. In the garage. Gave hubby a hand job on a plane while the lady beside me was asleep. I’m up for anything!”

3. In a reservoir…skinny dipping…

“We have sex everywhere! At work (we work together), in the car, outside… This is making me sound really bad! My favourite sex so far is when we skinny dipped in a reservoir and had sex in the water. A cyclist came not long after we had redressed and seemed as shocked to see us as we were to see him. I’m confident that he didn’t see anything.”


2. With two people — one at a time — at the pool — and the other at a playground…

“Just last week. I’m 20 with 4 kids and it isn’t very adventurous. My kids were with their fathers. I fu***d one of my fwb in the local pool and the other on a playground. Some dad saw and was jacking off.”

1. “Anywhere his wife or anyone else would find us”

“Soooo many public risky places with my married f**k buddy. Anywhere his wife or anyone else would find us. We arent f**k buddies anymore. We were in our 30s




Drive in

Bush tracks

Hiking trails

Out in the open

His work

Public pool

Car parks

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Outside his house while wife inside

And the list goes on”

How about you? Fancy having sex other than the bedroom? Share it with us…we’ll keep it a secret

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